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How do you adjust the timing chain on a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire GT 2.4?


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2015-07-15 21:50:35
2015-07-15 21:50:35

It has a belt and timing chains don't normally adjust

Your best bet is to take it to a manchanic.


Dude, your lame comments are a complete waste of people's time. Maybe someone has the tools and ability to do the job, they just need something like the firing order or location of timing marks. If everyone took their car to a mechanic to fix everything then why have this website? Do this site a favor and delete your account. >:(


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In a 1995 Pontiac Sunfire : Both the 2.2 and the 2.3 litre four cylinder engines have a timing CHAIN

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It must have a TIMING CHAIN because Gates ( they make timing belts etc . ) does not list a timing belt for the 2.2 liter or 2.4 liter engines in a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire

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show me the timing marks 2004 pontiac 2.2 dohc

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You can replace a timing chain on a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire by visiting a local mechanic and having him take care of it for you. This is a tricky part to change yourself.

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