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How do you adjust the trigger pull on a Buck Mark Target 22?

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On "Rimfire chat" I read the following.. If you "flip the sear spring" the trigger pull will change from about 5 lb's down to about 2 lb's.

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Who would use a Browning Buck Mark?

A Browning Buck Mark is a semi-automatic pistol that has been around since 1985. If anyone would be using it, hopefully it is being used for self-defense and or target shooting.

How do you adjust trigger x mark pro?

You can adjust the X mark pro in the same manner you would the earlier trigger on the Remington 700, GOOGLE Rem 700 trigger adjustments. If you don't clearly understand the internal workings of a trigger group assembly with sear,over-travel & trigger-pull weight adjustments,THEN HAVE A REPUTABLE GUNSMITH PERFORM THE WORK for you for around $20-$40. If you have a new Remington 700 with the X mark pro trigger and wish to retain the factory warranty you have to have a licenced/approved gunsmith perform the adjustment work & provide you with a written reciept of the work. There is a replacement trigger pull weight spring & bolt release spring available mail-order from Brownells in the U.S that will lower the trigger pull to around 1.5 pounds otherwise you might get as low as 2-2.5 pounds with the factory supplied spring. Your other option is to replace the whole X mark pro trigger group/assembly with a JEWELL HVR (with safety lever) or benchrest (with-out safety) trigger group & get adjustments down to 4 ounces & up to 48 ounces. Other replacement adjustable triggers are available via Brownells like SHILEN,RIFLE BASIX & TIMNEY,check their on-line catalogue. In my opinion,it's not only a real pity that Remington can trust you to buy & otherwise safely use their rifles but cannot adjust a trigger from the factory for a safe release pull of around 2.5lb on what is otherwise a well put together rifle. Regards...Phil "ROOSHOOTER" Australia

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Where is the Browning Buck Mark 22 pistol made?

The current Browning Buck Mark 22 LR pistols ( 2008 ) are built in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Date of manufacture browning buck mark serial 655NW286?


Value of a Browning buck mark pistol?

50-200 usd

How can you identify which Buck Mark automatic pistol you have?

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Try egunparts.

What is the value of a Browing Buck Mark Commemorate pistol?

50-250 usd

How do you take apart a browning buck mark pistol?

Best left to a gunsmith

How do you adjust the stearing column on a mark 3 golf?

There is a lever on the left hand side of the column which allows u to adjust the steering

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What is the value of a Buck Mark 22 long rifle handgun?

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It was made in 1996

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A 22lr semi-automatic pistol.

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How much for a browning buck mark 22 semi auto pistol?

40-200 usd

What is the difference between a mark 4 series 70 and a model 1911?

Trigger, sights, MSH