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With the engine warmed up but turned off, remove the valve covers. Start the engine and loosen the rocker arm nuts until they make a knocking sound. Slowly tighten the rocker arm nuts until they stops knocking. Tighten it 1/4 to 1/2 of a turn past this point and they should be set. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE NUT OR YOU WILL BEND A VALVE! Turn off the engine and replace valve covers. Check the oil once the engine is cool.

You may modify an old pair of valve covers by cutting open the top, so you have a window through which to adjust the valves. It will still be messy, but it will reduce the amount of spilled oil.


What? You don't adjust your valves with the engine running! You move the crank with a wrench so the cylinder you're adjusting the valves on is at TDC (or the valve push rod is in the full down position), insert a .015 feeler gauge between the top of the valve and rocker arm. Tighten (rocker nut) until the clearance of the feeler is met but not so tight that you can't remove the feeler tool.

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Q: How do you adjust the valves on a 1977 Chevy 350?
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find zerro lash than tighten one quarter turn each three quarter turns

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Assuming the lifters are hydraulic, adjust each valve when FULLY closed to zero lash then turn in one additional turn, done.

How do you adjust the valves on a 1984 Chevrolet 350 engine in c-20 truck?

on a 350 engine to adjust valves tighten them down with engine running then back them off until it smooths out probably about a quarter of a turn

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It has adjustable rockers.

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NO not that engine.

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There are no torque specs on 350 Chevy engines. Set solid lifter cams with cam manufacturers backlash specifications, set hydraulic lifter cams with 0 backlash plus 1/4-3/4 turns preload. To my knowledge you don't torque valves, you adjust them.Each one must be done individually.

What is a 330545 Chevy head casting?

1973 350 Corvette. 76cc chambers. 2.02`` intake valves 1.6`` exhaust valves.

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With the engine at TOP DEAD CENTER (TDC) Adjust the exhuast valve to .007 and the intake to .005.

Where is the PCV on a 1977 Chevy with a GM 350?

it is in one of the valve covers

What years did they paint the 350 Chevy engines blue?

1977 and newer

What are the lash of the head valves specs on v8 350 5.7?

Zero lash then one turn in. (assuming this is a stock Chevy 350)

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There are no adjustments on a stock Pontiac valvetrain. You simply torque them to 20 ft lbs. Pontiac did not use locking rocker arm nuts. Any attempt to adjust them like you do a Chevy will result in the rocker nuts backing off.

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You don't it's controlled by the ECM

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this is a mechanics job you have to remove inlet manifold,exhaust manifolds,and then remove heads to replace the valves

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Did a 1976 cutlass salon come with a 305 or a 350 Chevy motor I know a 1977 did.?

Oldsmobile used Chevy 305's. 76 350 rocket 77 305 Chevy

Did Chevy make a blue 350 small block?

Yes, beginning in 1977.

What is the timimg setting for a 1977 Chevy 350?

6 to 8 degrees BTDC.