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It is easier to do if you install the torque convertor to the transmission and then attempt to bolt it to the flywheel. You will have to turn the convertor or flywheel to line up the bolt holes.

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Q: How do you align a new torque converter on a 1993 Corolla to the drive plate?
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Why would a 87 Toyota corolla run fine in park and neutral but stall in drive and reverse?

You probably have a bad torque converter, every time you engage a moving gear, your torque converter is supposed to "free spin" the transmission when the engine is at idle. It doens't sound like it is doing its job.

What causes a car shake your when you put it drive?

Could be a problem with your torque converter

Does a front wheel drive automatic transmission also have a torque converter?


Chevy van 350 engine will run but quits when put in drive?

torque converter

How can you tell if torque converter needs replacing?

we had a 2004 ford an the torque converter was bad and what it did was not shift down in geers it would go strait from drive down to first so we repleace the converter and now it works find.4.24.11For further explanation and more symptoms of how to tell if a torque converter is bad follow this link on

Where is the torque converter on the Toyota 4Runner?

Inbetween the engine and transmission, located in the bell housing. To access it, you will need to drop the drive shaft and pull the transmission out. The torque converter will come out with the transmission.

Would a torque converter cause a car not to go move while in drive?

It could, yes.

Why causes a 73 dodge van to stall when put into drive?

torque converter lock out engaged.

What is the symptoms of a torque converter slipping on a 96 Lincoln Continental?

If the torque converter is slipping your engine will start to stall and cut out eventually you will be driving and the car will rev in the drive position as if it is in neutral go to a transmission shop and get the tech to test drive your car.

How do you get the torque converter on a 1996 sts to slide the last inch or so onto the pump shaft?

You have to turn the torque converter back and forth while pushing in on it. The last thing to engage is the front pump drive lugs. This has to be done before installing the transmission in the car (or bolting it to the engine block) -- the transmission and torque converter are installed as one single assembly after the torque converter is installed into the transmission.

When car is hot it dies in drive but runs in neutral and park?

I would suspect torque converter trouble.

Why does the torque converter chatter when you drive?

It can be the lock up on the torque converter not functioning properly. It can also be low of fluid. Check the transmission fluid level. If the fluid level is good, you need to seek professional help.

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