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This is something YOU have to write and not someone on here. You have to think of the reasons you love your city and just list those. Make a list of why you love your city and then add to that any reasons you'd love working for it (hours, benefits, etc.) ~ T

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Q: How do you answer 'Why do you want to work for your city' on a job application?
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Where can you get a job application for Famous Dave's? under employment opportunities and plug in the city that you want to work in

Job application forms?

applications are only availabel in stores you want to work and to get the application suck the managers ...............

How do you get a job at the age of sixteen?

Ask 4 a application at the place u want to work

How should I ask for a job?

You should go to the place you want to work and ask for an application.

How do you enter references for job application?

The job application should have an area where they request for your references. If not then they don't want them. If you are filling out your resume then only put long term, job relevant work on the resume.

What should you put under geographic preference on a job application?

The location or city of where you'd rather work.

Where can one apply for a job at McDonald's?

You can apply at the store where you want to work. Just ask for an application at the counter.

Where do you go to fill out an application for a job?

at the job you want to apply for

How do you write a job application letter to NGO's?

how to write job application to NGO in water & Sanitation work

How do you tell someone children are not allowed when coming in to fill out a job application?

Tell them this is a work area, kids are not part of the job interview... I want you and only you.

'Reason for leaving last job' on a job application?

lack of work

Should you fill out a job application on site?

Yes. After all you want the job

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