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How do you answer answers on WikiAnswers?


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You can't answer answers on WikiAnswers, or anywhere for that matter, unless there is a question in the answer, where it would be classified as a question.


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No, wikianswers is not inferior to yahoo answers.

WikiAnswers is owned by the Answers corporation.

Google Answers crashed and burned due to the lack of accurate answers and the fact that no one could edit the answers that were on Google Answers. WikiAnswers allows anybody to contribute, and doesn't simply search for answers - WikiAnswers MAKES answers. With the help of WikiAnswers' rival, Yahoo! Answers, both inadvertently teamed up and crushed Google Answers out of the answers competition.

Yes. For your information, the site that you are posting this question IS WikiAnswers. Sometimes, it is true that WikiAnswers' answers are not true. However, most of the answers are true. Sometimes, there are vandals who make turn true answers to false answers, but it is false to say that WikiAnswers is not true. To find out whether WikiAnswers' answers are true, sign up now to become a true WikiAnswers Contributor! Be true to yourself if you get addicted!

There is no way to guarantee that the answers on WikiAnswers are all 100% correct.

WikiAnswers is constantly being "modified" with new questions, answers, and changes to existing answers.

Not all people lie on WikiAnswers. But there might be some wrong answers.

The people that are logged into Wikianswers, of course.

no... it only answers what people can and will answer

Its not just one person who answers the question its everyone who wants to help in WikiAnswers if that answers your question?

Yes, there are some videos on Answers/Wikianswers, but it is mainly written answers at this stage.

You cannot demand answers from WikiAnswers on your questions. WikiAnswers does not answer your questions, it is the members of this community that answer your questions. You can request for your question to be answered but not demand for the same.

some people on wikianswers think it is funny to put in wrong answers. we have supervisers that find bad answers and make them right.

I get my answers from WikiAnswers. I also use their companion site, Answers.

No, you cannot download WikiAnswers' questions, categories, and answers from WikiAnswers. WikiAnswers is solely on the internet, and cannot be downloaded. The WikiAnswers database will always remain on the internet, and for a good reason.

None, of the questions on WikiAnswers are outdated.

Yahoo! Answers is also a good site, other than WikiAnswers. But I recommend WikiAnswers over Yahoo! Answers. WikiAnswers is the best Q&A site and it has the best community. Yahoo! Answers isn't always correct, as well, and you cannot change the answers or spellings on there. On WikiAnswers, you can edit about everything to make the site better. Yahoo! Answers you can't, and it is a poor Q&A site.

The reason why because the members of Wikianswers have different opinions so that they might have the right answers or the wrong answers

That is not true. WikiAnswers has answers for a bunch of stuff. Maybe the stuff you searched no one has answered yet.

All answers are 100% accurate and we at wikiAnswers check each and every answer to make sure they are correct.

If you mean 'Does the Internet have better answers than WikiAnswers?', then that question depends on what type of question you are talking about. The Internet may have some better answers to questions than WikiAnswers, but I would highly recomend WikiAnswers because WikiAnswers is a Q & A site, (Questions and Answers) but the Internet is not. So if your wondering about which one is better, the answer is WikiAnswers. Hope I answered your question!

No, WikiAnswers is a Question & Answers website. WikiAnswers email addresses are hosted by Google.

WikiAnswers does not have a stance on LGBT rights. WikiAnswers provides answers, not opinions.

Not all answers on WikiAnswers are useless. Usually unhelpful answers are posted by WikiAnswers users who don't know what they are doing, and post answers to questions even if they don't really know the answer. If you find an answer on WikiAnswers that is unhelpful, you can remove it or flag it for improvement using the tools on the blue bar on your left.

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