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How do you answer the job interview question What skills and abilities do you have?


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I am honest, proficient with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and internet and I have the ability to get along with people. I can work ALSO under pressure.

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When applying for an Administration Clerk position it is important is pass the interview. The interview should include inquiring about your skills and abilities to perform the job duties.

A person will need to answer this based on what their current job responsibilities are. Someone else will not be able to know exactly what their job responsibilities are.

Your quality and skills are about your values and what RELEVANT experience you are bringing to the interview. For example, if you were interviewing for a receptionist job and your previous job was in engineering, you would not sit and talk about engineering. Personal qualities and skills are explained in an article that I will attach to this answer.

"I applied for this job since it matches my skills and abilities, my previous experience and positions I filled successfully. I feel that this position will enable me to demonstrate my abilties and skills and make a contribution in an area I have studied in and see my future career in."

One question that may be asked during an interview for a quality assurance job is " Describe a complication problem and how to handle it?" During the interview they may ask for the potential employee to list their skills and attention to detail should be one of those skills.

In a job interview, discuss your strengths in relation to the skills needed for the job. Your weaknesses should reflect skills unrelated to the job. Know the skills for the job you are applying for and prepare for this ahead of time.

If you are asked a question revolving around program assistant status in a job interview, then you should answer it much the same as you would answer any normal question in a job interview: honestly.

It depends on the job, but one of the skills are drama skills. It makes you confident on your job interview, especially if you are shy.

Impossible to answer that question without knowing your abilities, skills and job experience. You can try Freelance work

To get the job or to improve your CV and interview skills.

Here is a great article that explains what you should do before, during and after a job interview:

a recruiter should have interviewing skills , whereas a job candidate should possess good interview skills.

This depends on the person and the job that they are applying for. Skills and abilities that would be beneficial to most positions include:Public SpeakingWritingConfidenceSelf-ManagementListeningBeing able to networkDecision-MakingMath SkillsResearch SkillsBeing able to get along with co-workersSocialization SkillsKnowing how to keep track of your "to-do lists" and being able to get them done.

this is a pretty hard question and sorry but ima not able to answer but i can tell you that their job is ver impotant

Please outline how your knowledge, skills meet the competencies for the job as outlined in the Job Statement.

Every job has it own particular requirements. There is no one set of skills and abilities which would make you a perfect worker for every job.

When answering this type of job interview question, it is important to have researched the company's requirements. Then, state how your skills compare to what the employer needs in a new employer.

This is a common interview question. An answer depending on the position would be, 'I think attention to detail and team work are critical to this job.' The answer can be tailored to the job you are applying for.

What are some job skills that is needed to become a Radiologist?

When you are asked for this question during the interview, the client wants to know 3 things:  Do you have the skills to do the job? How is your attitude towards the job? Why do they give you the job? To answer this, give them concrete reasons and evidence that you are a perfect fit for the position. First, read the job description and stress out the skills that the company really needs. Second, tell them the story about your work history and your job responsibility. Third, what makes you different from the rest. So despite not having enough experience in the field, you can still nail your interview depending on how you deliver it.

Employers and applicants each have different goals when attending an interview.

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