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If you have given AIEEE then you don't have to do anything , you will get NIT puducherry as one of your choices in counselling process. If you haven't, then you can't apply separately for the same..
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Which is the best NIT?

nit trichy is the good one , to my knowledge.. if opting for In CSE.. nit calicut, nit hamirpur and nit surathkal are also good

How do you get rid of nits?

One good way is to shave it off, but that is not the most fashionable way. 1. An old fashioned remedy is to get a cheap conditioner and put LOADS (half a bottle!) of it through your hair, leave for 20 min then comb through with a nit comb, some people say to do that for 1 week twice, but i say fo ( Full Answer )

What is nits?

Nits are the egg stage of lice. They attach to the hair and feel bumpy. Lice treatments will destroy the eggs. Follow manufacturer's directions...and quickly!

What is a nit?

A small creature that lives in your hair and peirces your head with its teeth and drinks your blood, when you feel a nit biting, it makes you itch and they are seriously irritating things, mostly people mistake them as a dry and itchy scalp.

How can you get rid of nits?

Get a metal nit comb. One called Nit Free works. It is somees expensive but WELL WORTH IT!!

Do nits bite?

I had lice when I was like 8 and I know quite a lot about them. I kinda found it interesting that bugs were living on my head. Anyway, yes they do bite they eat your scalp. that causes sores that itch. That why your head itches when you have lice. Another answer: Actually nits don't bite, lice ( Full Answer )

What color are nits?

When they have a lice growing inside them, they appear either brown or dark green. However, when they are dead or empty (for the most part) they are white or translucent. Hope that helps. =)

How do nits bite?

basically one of my daughter found 2 head lice in her hair. and didn't think to tell me, so I didn't realise , and she's 13 yeard old , she got looking on websites how to get rid of them herself, so she used mayonnaise to kill all lice and then after 5-6 hours wash the mayonnaise out then shampoo se ( Full Answer )

Do nits jump?

Yes, they do. Anyone who says other wise needs to experience trying to get rid of them just to see how well they do in fact jump. My mrs is a hairdresser, no they do not jump. They are passed on from head to head contact or using the same hair brush etc as somebody else who already has them. See ( Full Answer )

Can you tell nit jamshedpur will be good or nit raipur?

1.placementwise nitjsr>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>nit raipur . or according to survey nitjsr placement=nit wrangal=mnnit . 2.quality of faculty in nit jsr>>>>>student in nit raipur . {OVERALL} . NITJSR is very good as compared to NIT RAIPUR

How do nits die?

they dis when dan coombes comes in your hair but only if you are a male

How To Get Rid Of Nits?

to get rid of nits you should buy a comb, preferably a white or metal nit comb and some nit oil. Also you will need some conditioner. let them wash there hair with some shampoo then squirt loads of conditioner on there head and rub it in, but don't wash it out! leave it in for about 10 mins. then ( Full Answer )

Can you drown nits?

no they carnt these are nasty little bugers , but if you put plenty of conditiona on your scalp then they will die but the reason it will be good to buy the head lice spray is because the conditiona carnt kill the eggs so i recommend you buy the spray but it is £11.25 , $16.87 for the spray but ( Full Answer )

How do nits have eggs?

They are basically like chickens, they lay them, keep them warm, and wait for them to hatch which take up to 1 week.

Is a nit a animal?

A nit is the egg of a louse and a louse is a parasite that lives off of a host ie. an animal or human. It feeds off of them.

How do you remove nits?

The best way to remove nits (lice eggs) is manually, using a fine tooth lice comb and nit-picking where necessary. Studies show that the best lice comb on the market is the Terminator Lice comb. It beats the Licemeister comb and Rid Combs which are often sold in drugstores. There are many products a ( Full Answer )

Do nits have brains?

The head louse is an insect, and insects have a somewhat morecomplicated arrangement than vertebrates when it comes toneurological features such as a 'brain'. Your central nervoussystem comprises the dorsal nerve running through your spine, andyour brain and its associated structures in the cranium. ( Full Answer )

What is measured in nits?

nits are a unit measure sometimes used in place of cd/m2 (candela per square metre).. It is a measure of Luminance

Who invented nits?

Well you see, we invented nits because the germs that we cough and spread everywhere go everywhere so it gets in are hair then we scratch are head which makes it worse then the just come and people pass them on so more nits can be made and suck your blood on your head. Its angin I know.

Why puducherry consist of four districts?

They were four French colonies, Pondicherry, Karikal, Mahe and Yanaon. They were organised as the Union Territory of Pondicherry after merging into India

Why do nits itch?

Nit's Do Not Itch. The Lice On Your Head However Do. The Suck The Blood Mainly From Your Scalpe.

Is puducherry a state?

Why would i tell you the answer noob. go do your homework with the books and learn something.

What color is nits?

They are a browny blacky black in the Middle and bworn on the legs and there a size of a fly horibble things Hope this helps!

Is NIT Jalandhar amongst the top NIT?

I dont think it is among the Top-5. There are about 20 NIT's and the top 5 I would consider are Trichy, Surathkal, Warangal, Calicut and Bhopal.. The rest of them caanot be exactly ranked. But some NIT's like Nagpur, Surat, Jaipur, Jamshedpur will come in the II rank. The third group will be from ( Full Answer )

Is nit silchar a good nit?

In north-east after IIT GUWAHATI , NIT SILCHAR offering best technical education but if you want to go out of assam state . then you have many good choices in T-school . Other NIT,S like Allahabad, jaipur are far-far better than IITG & NITS in many expect . even in delhi other college like DCE & NSI ( Full Answer )

Do rabbits have nits?

no but they can get fleas so cheak your rabbit regularly by buying a special flea comb that you can buy in most pet shops for a cheap amount of money and if your rabbit has got fleas then go to a pet shop or local veterinary surgery and buy him/her some drops to put on your rabbits neck and the flea ( Full Answer )

What to do if you get nits?

Headlice can appear by maybe close contact to others who also have them. If you have them, you will need a special treatment. You can get all different types, you only need to go into your local pharmacy or supermarket and you will find it at the health/haircare department. Good Luck!

You have nits what should you do?

Have someone pick them out with a metal comb and then apply a thick conditioner and continue combing until they are all out. Wash all blankets, pilllows, clothing etc. that came into contact with the nits and throw away brushes, combs, and hair accessories you may have used. Be careful who you are c ( Full Answer )

What can a nit do to your head?

it bites your head so that's why its itchy so itpossibly levies Little tiny bite marks in your head!

How do you get rind of nits?

You could go out to the shops and buy some nits hair care which you have leave in your hair for so long. . Or if you want to get werid, do what the Egyptions did and shave all you hair off.

What rhymes with nit?

Hit. Split. Bit. Mitt. Quit. Kit. Sit. Wit. Pit. Zit. Fit. . Lit. Unlit. Acquit. Writ. Spit. Slit. Twit. . And some dirty words which I must.....omit. . acquit. admit. armpit. backbit. bandit. befit. bit. bowsprit. brit. chit. close-knit. cockpit. commit. credit. culprit. dimwit ( Full Answer )

Can budgies get nits?

Bugies get mites , which cause them itch, and scratch themselves to try and relieve it. Buy some mite spray or powder from the pet shop, and use it regularly (but carefully).

What is a nit inspection?

Nits are what lice is called before the eggs hatch. A nitinspection is when someone checks the hair of another person forlice.

What to do if head itchy but not nits?

Well you might have nitricendrome, which means you have an itchy head but no nits, this is caused by not washing your hair properly, eating enough fruit and not getting enough nutrients.

How do you remove nits from hair?

Very simple, get a nit removal comb from the pharmacy or drug store, then follow the instructions that come with it or from It has been scientifically proven that "smothering" does NOT work. However, tea tree oil does. Google it.

What is the procedure to apply for mtech in NIT Trichy?

Certificates to be produced at the time of admission (Originals) 1. Admission letter 2. Gate score card (For M.Tech. only) 3. Statement of marks or grade obtained in the qualifying Examination 4. Degree / Provisional Certificate. 5. Transfer Certificate 6. Category Certificate (if applicable) 7. Pr ( Full Answer )

How do you get rid of nits naturally?

don't go round buying lots of expensive lotions just buy tea tree shampoo and conditioner and use it every night and while the conditioner is still in your hair use a nit comb and softly comb it through then rinse

Can dogs get nits?

no dogs can not get lice they can only get a different lice which is dog lice not head lice which humans get so basically no dogs can NOT get nits (lice)

Do hamsters get nits?

Like all animals (furry ones anyway!), they can get fleas. Only humans get nits/head lice.

What are bad about nits?

they suck your blood and the most dangerous nits out of all are the red nits

Is nit jamshedpur better than nit jalandhar?

yes NIT Jamshedpur is a good institute when compared to NIT Jalandhar in some parameters. NIT JSR vs NIT J (+)ve points of jamshedpur 1.Research and paper published has been good from nit jamshedpur. 2.Placements are slightly good in NIT jamshedpur when compared to NIT J. 3.Students quality in ( Full Answer )

What is the homophone for nit?

It is knit. A nit is a louse egg. (Louse is the singular form of the word lice.) To knit means to create cloth from thread or yarn. Both are pronounced the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings.

Do nit combs get rid of nits?

No, the combs remove the adult head lice but not the "nits" whichare their eggs, which they stick to the base of the hairs. So if you have nits, coming out the adult lice will not remove theinfestation as more lice will hatch out from the nits. As well as combing the hair you need to kill the nits w ( Full Answer )