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How do you approach a woman?


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November 02, 2012 3:37AM

Start your move by being yourself, add some techniques like making an eye contact, slight smile and positive attitude towards your way of approaching a woman. There is no need for you to use picking up words, it is not effective nowadays. You can say that a woman is on attraction if you were able to make an eye contact. Do some simple smile, this would let you know if a woman is ready to be approached, and interested with you for some conversation. Add it up with your positive attitude, it can help you approach a woman, drop off being light shouldered and nervous, woman wants a man who are more confident, this will approach a girl more effectively and can have desired outcomes. Open conversations that is comfortable with a woman to talk to. If you establish a good conversations and trust from her, that would be the time for you to continue knowing her and ask her for a date.

First you are going to want to smell nice and be very polite. Women like men that smell good, but do not use axe that just makes women choke. Then you will want to agree with her on everything. That will make her happy. Next tell her she is the most beautiful women in the room (if there are other women there). Then make a flirty joke then offer her a drink or something. Remeber to look into her eyes and tell her they are beautiful.