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How do you ask a boy to dance?

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September 29, 2010 6:53PM

ok if you know him then ask him you want to dance or make contact with him and lead him to the dance floor

if you see him at a dance and you dont know him just go into the dance floor and dance look at him and smile he will get the idea if he doesn't DONT ASK A GUY TO DANCE let him be the one to ask you because if you ask him you will look to desperate and you dont want that

make sher that he does not have a girlfriend because then you can get in to alot of drama and you dont want that unless you like drama but in my case why would you like drama??? come on

if he wants to dance with you he will come to you just dance and be yourself NEVER be some one your not to make a guy like you

i hope i helped if you have any more love questions ask them to me at vata15@yahoo.com :)