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I'm sorry but i wouldn't do it. you need to think about how you would feel if someone asked your girlfriend out?

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How does a girl feel about her boyfriend?

Ask the girl.

How do you know girl has boyfriend?

ask her or get somone to ask her

How can you tell if a girl has a boyfriend?


How do you ask a girl out that has a boyfriend?

You don't. >_>;;;

How can I know if a girl has a boyfriend?

ask her

My boyfriend hangs out with another girl what do I do?

Ask your boyfriend what's going on with them

How do you ask a girl out if she has a boyfriend?

Do you just forget about her or ask her out? Or if her boyfriend could beat you up so easy?

What should a girl ask for for Christmas?

A boyfriend

How does a girl ask out her ex?

"be ma boyfriend"

How do know if it is true when a girl tells you that she has slept with your boyfriend?

Ask your boyfriend. If you don't trust his answer he shouldn't be your boyfriend.

How do you find out if a girl has a boyfriend?

the smartest thing to do is ask.

What if a girl you like has a boyfriend but she always flirts with you?

Ask her why she does and then if she says she likes you ask her out.

What do you do if a girl is flirting with your boyfriend?

If I was the girlfriend, and I know what's going on, I will talk to this girl and ask her what she is trying to do. I will ask her if she knows that the boy she is trying to flirt has a girlfriend. I will be civilize and calm and be professional about talking to the other girl. I will also tell her how will she feel if it was her boyfriend that's being flirt by another girl. Then I will ask nicely to stop flirting with my boyfriend.

What do you do if you like a girl and she has a boyfriend and want to ask her out?

In brief; if she has a boyfriend, don't ask her out. I am sure you would not like it if someone were to ask your girlfriend out when they knew she was already with someone.

How do you know if a girl likes girl when she has a boyfriend?

The most appropriate way is simply to ask her.

What to do if a boyfriend talks to other girl?

Ask him if he's friends with her.

How do you tell if an 11 year old girl has a boyfriend?

You ask

What should a girl ask her boyfriend?

Whatever she feels like!

How do you hit on a girl with a boyfriend?

It would be a wise decision not to "hit on" her at all since she already has a boyfriend. A better choice would be to find a girl who does not have a boyfriend and ask her out on a date.

How do you recognize that a girl has already been having a boyfriend without asking of straight question?

Ask other people to ask that girl if she has a boyfriend. Just remind them not to mention that you wanted to know.

If you're a girl and you have a boyfriend but he has a boyfriend what do you do?

Well, if you are a girl whose boyfriend, who also has a boyfriend, you ask him is he is bisexual or gay. Whatever his answer, only you will know if you want to continue as his girlfriend, his friend, or if you want to move on.

Does she want a boyfriend?

If you are not sure if a girl wants a boyfriend, ask one of her friends to ask her so that it doesn't seem like you are being pushy.

How do you ask your boyfriend if he likes another girl WITHOUT pissing him off?

To ask you boyfriend if he like another girl is very difficult. You can ask in a hypothetical way, for example, if we werenÕt together or if I didnÕt exist would you like this person.

What are some questions to ask your boyfriend?

Ask him what he sees in a girl, what hes thinking and how his day was...anything.

If a girl says she still cares for you and she has a boyfriend?

then, you need to ask her to choose