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How do you ask a guy out that knows you like him?

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Just Say. (Hi I know that you Know I like you But i Want to Know if you like Me so here's a Yes or No Question Will you go Out with Me?) <-- Thats all you Have to say(:

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Best and nice way is to ask to him and ask him to go out with you

Who knows? Ask him to tell you what he means.

You have to tell him that you like him, and if he does like you he will ask you to the dance. Chances are that if he does like you and knows that you like him, he will ask you.

If you really like him and he know you do then have a friend or someone that you know ask him if he likes you thenif he does ask him out....

Ask that guy who made BebO he knows

If you and him are friends and isn't going out with anyone just ask him or someone who knows him if he like you

You just simply go up to him and say that you know you know that you like him and ask him if he feels the same way about you.

Ask him. Guys like direct questions and direct answers. No pussyfooting.

I asked my friend to ask the guy if he knew that i like him. that worked and we went out forever.

Well if you wanna know if he knows that you like him, then ask him yourself . If you cant ask him then have one of your friends that you rally trust and have them go and ask him. But remember...... it has to be someone that you can really trust and that you know

Well, this has happened to me but I would get one of your and his friend to ask for you. Or just ask him. Good Luck!

He might find it weird because he knows that you like him, or he might like you back but doesn't want to ask you out, or he's a guy, god knows !

it is okay to be mad... but why dont you ask him out first

It's sort of feminine if you ask me, but who knows these days lol

It can be tough for a guy to tell his true feelings to the person he likes, even if he knows that they like him back. My advice to you is ask him out. I know that sounds like a terrible idea, but from a guy's perspective, we like to be asked out every once and a while.

i don't know, it depends on if you think he likes you or not.

You should ask him out or simply just ask for his number and ask him if he likes you or if your a shy person(like me) just make good friends with him and eventually somthing may happen

ask her... its really the only way to know for sure!

You could ask him to prom. Or you could start talking to him and let the guy get to know you.

It Just Means He's To Shy To Admit It.Just Play Hard To Get.Go Back On Ask A Question.Ask..' What do you say to a guy when he knows you like him'?It Tells You EVERYTHINGG!! I Made It Myself!!Believe Me He'll Like You If You Follow My Guidelines!!Best Wishes To You!!

You should wait a little bit and see if he asks you and if he doesnt then that means that he doesnt like you but you should ask him out and be prepared for a no.

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