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How do you ask a teenage guy out?


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Ask him out on a high note if your shy with being direct. Let's say your talking and having a good time and you something like" I actually have to go but let's meet at that restaurant on let's say Tuesday" we guys are stupid and if we are free we instantly say "yes" if your comfortable being direct and just saying "hey do you want to go out sometime" which he may appreciate since boys usually ask the girls out.


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Flirt, that's the best, hang out or if your really not shy, ask him out.

Its hard but if you really like the girl go ask her out. Take that risk you never know if you don't try. Or ask a friend to ask her out for you.

teenage girls defiantly! Teenage girls are more serious about boys and relationships, also they are to scared to ask for them self so they flirt as a sort of hint! xx the guys are not as flirty because they are bad at it. lol. teenage girls CAN NOT ask a guy out its too uncomfortable.Hope i have been helpful xx :D

by finding a guy she likes, flirting with him, dressing up for him, and getting him to like her so he asks her out :) or just ask a guy out herself :)

It depends on the guy. Most guys is being around the girl they like. Or when they ask them out.The possibility of rejection and sharks.

ANSWER: go for it she could just be waiting for you.:] Answer: Text her, compliment her. Judge her reaction and then u can usually tell if its going to be a safe bet to ask her.

lt really starts out as in knowing the guy and then getting to know him better and if you wanna go more then just ask him to go out for lunch or something and then you will have a good start

waits for him to make the first move. Ask her out

Try talking with them and if things seem to be going okay and he seems interested then just ask him if he would like to go out with you sometime (pick a date/time etc.)

dude!! just tell her. Ask her out, get someone else to ask her if she likes you, just find a way. don't be scared. if you wait to long the time to ask will pass and she may loose interest in you

Simple. As a teenage girl, Vans slip-ons nearly always look good on a teenage guy. Don't worry about a thing.

Ask a goth guy the way you would ask a non - goth guy.

How do you get a guy to ask you to be his girlfriend?

its normal for a guy to ask a girl out but a guy can ask a girl out there's no wrong way

If a guy has a crush on you he will invite you to hang out with him and his posse. If the guy Loves you he will ask you on a date to something simple like a school dance or a movie, the more important dates come later on in the relationship.

That's called the 'friendzone', it's very hard to get out but if you like him just explain your true feelings to him, but this may ruin your relationship.

You dont you get him to ask you out hes the guy!!!!!!!!

The only sure fire why to know, is to ask her. You could try going off of body language, like if she stares at you or smiles at you. But you'll never know until you ask.

a guy should ask a girl out a girl should never ask a guy out......:D

There is no (way) to ask a guy out. Just simply ask him!

just get to know him. ask about his hobbies. his family. his pets, just whatever comes to mind :)

Google Them Or Ask People On Here Or Ask A Teenager There Self

You ask him. Then ask if he is sure and why he thinks its love.

Asking a guy to be yours for a party. All you have to do is ask the guy.

If the guy likes you he will ask you out on his own.You shouldn't have to impress him.

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