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You can NEVER second-guess someone else, so don't start now. You have no idea how he truly feels about you, but obviously he cares for you. I'd simply ask him over for dinner to start with and, in one of your conversation you could say "We've known each other for quite sometime so what do you think if we go out on a real date like other couples." He may go for it or he may need head space for some reason, but this certainly doesn't mean a relationship couldn't occur in the future. Take it slow and easy. If you don't try you could be missing out on a beautiful thing. Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2006-04-11 17:41:52
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Q: How do you ask someone out if the person liked you for so long but is now on his own?
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Can I ask someone Is someone is friend of you?

Depends if you know that person well, but so long as you ask nicely am sure it's OK.

What should you do when you like somebody but another person likes them too?

There's really not much that you can do about someone liking someone that you also like. If the person that you like were to ask you out then it really wouldn't matter much if someone else liked that person, because you would be the one going out with them.

What do you do when you like someone and you don't know if they like you too or not?

The best thing you can do is go ahead and ask the person... if you take too long to ask the person he/she might like someone else and you will regret not being self-confident enough to ask the person.

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Is it polite to ask someone out on facebook?

not usually. you should ask them out face to face. But if you are nervous like me then it is alright as long as you know them in person

How long should you wait before asking someone out?

get to know the person better ask him/her about their hobbies and other stuff then when you know that he/she like you ask him/her out

How do you figure out if a boy you have a crush on and you have liked for a really long time that flirts with you and stuff but he does that to almost all the other girls likes you?

You would probably need to get someone to ask him.

What do you do when you are in love with a close family member?

will the best thing to do at first is to keep shut about your feelings and just ask the person how would he feel if someone of his family member liked him if that person says fine tell that person how you feel if not then don't approach.

If a boy you liked for years rejects you when you ask him out what do you do to get over him?

To get over him you can try finding someone else.

How can you know that the person has a crush on you?

You cant know, They would have to tell you. And if you were to guess that someone liked you, if the word got spread around, imagine how they would feel! My advice is just to be brave and ask them!

What if you like someone who is liked by another person and he or she doesn't hint any signs towards both of you?

Then either one of you, should make anniversary and ask if he likes either one of u!

If this boy liked you for 2 years and you liked him for 2 years how long do you have to wait for him to ask you out?

You don't have to wait to ask him out. If you are both available to date one another, you should call him now!

If you like somebody and you are not sure if they like you what do you do?

Ask them. Most people are very honest (and flattered to be liked by someone).

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dont know ask someone smart dont know ask someone smart dont know ask someone smart

What if you told a guy you liked him and he told you he liked you a to?

Ask him out.

What do you do if a girl liked you for 3 years in school but not sure if she still likes you?

just ask her or have someone else do it for u

What would you do if you liked someone but you didnt know how to ask them out?

stay awake you never know your chance would come!

If Nick Jonas liked someone and they have been talking for 10 minutes would he ask her out?

no he like Veronicca brown

When can you ask someone out?

You need to know the person before you ask them out. Even if you don't know someone that you think is cute, get to know the person, be their friend, then you can ask them out. But it takes time, and don't tell them you want to get to know them so you can ask them out, that is not the way to go ;).

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How do you ask a guy out that you have liked for a really long time?

just come to him and ask i did this not a while ago... but if you are scared try and become better friends and then ask him ... hope this helps ! :)

What do you do when you love someone but someone else?

I suppose it depends on the people in question. Ask yourself these questions: Which person would be better for you in the long run? Is Person #2 worth you hurting Person #1? Who do you think would treat you better/has been treating you better?