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There are a few ways. Best ones I had sat on 4 rubber cups and were held tight by strong fabric straps to top and bottom edges of trunk.

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need info how to attach bsi rack

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Q: How do you attach a BSI bike rack?
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How do you get bikes on a bike rack?

You use your ARMS to LIFT the bike onto the rack

I want to attach a bike rack a 2004 VW Beetle convertible and need to know if it requires a special unit for this type of vehicle with a small slanted trunk?

Check out They have a rack system for the NBC. :)

What joggers can you also attach to a bike?

None can attach to a bike.

Repair Bike Rack?

form_title=Repair Bike Rack form_header=Restore and repair the bike rack and get back to biking regularly! Describe the problems with the rack?=_ Where is the rack mounted?= () Roof () Rear How many bikes does the rack hold?= () 1 () 2 () 3 () 4

Upgrade your Bike Rack?

form_title=Upgrade your Bike Rack form_header=Did you add more people to your family? Or start hanging out with more bike-loving enthusiasts? Then it's time to upgrade! Where is the bike rack located?= () Roof () Back What types of bikes do your transport?=_ How often do you use the bike rack?=_

What is a bike rack?

A bike rack is another term for a bicycle rack or bicycle stand - a place where bicycles can be kept and securely attached by the owner.

How do you install rear bike rack?

Watch this video to learn how to install a rear bike rack:

Are trunk bike racks better than the roof ones?

Trunk bike racks use a hook system that safely attach to the trunk of a car or rear door of an SUV. Many have adjustable straps to ensure the rack is secured to your vehicle. These can be very portable and easily removed when not transporting your bike(s) as opposed to a more commonly fixed roof rack.

What holds a bike up in a bike rack- Friction or the push of the bike rack on the bike?

two pipes that hold the tire off the ground suspened against a bent rod

How much does a bike racks cost?

The price of a Thule bike rack varies with the model in question. For example, a Thule Domestique roof mount bike rack costs 95 dollars. While a Thule Spare Me Pro bike rack costs up to 160 dollars.

How do you install a bike rack to a trunk?

A bike rack is installed to a trunk by placing straps around and over the trunk. They are then attached to both sides of the rack and tightened until secure.

Bike Rack?

When purchasing a bike rack, make sure that the rack will support your bike's weight. Also read the mounting instructions. Some of them will need wall anchors while others will not. Sports stores will have bike accessories for sale when their bikes go on sale, so keep an eye out for ads from stores like Big 5 and Sports Authority.