How do you attract boys?

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Follow our top tips
1. Be Yourself
2. Talk to him a lot
3. Dont get into the friend zone once your in you never get out
4. Try new hairstyles/Clothes
5. dont wear too much make-up
6. wear a Bra (padded)
7. be Flirty/Sexy
8. let him ask you out
9. Hurry up you will go off him
10. Ask your friend to ask him out for you
11. Get in good shape
12. Talk to him reguraly
13. When your redy give him a hug


1. If a guy acts shy, he probably really likes you
2. If a guy acts vulgar, he probably doesn't know how to act around girls
3. If he stares, he is really attracted to you

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Q: How do you attract boys?
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