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How do you attract boys?


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Follow our top tips
1. Be Yourself
2. Talk to him a lot
3. Dont get into the friend zone once your in you never get out
4. Try new hairstyles/Clothes
5. dont wear too much make-up
6. wear a Bra (padded)
7. be Flirty/Sexy
8. let him ask you out
9. Hurry up you will go off him
10. Ask your friend to ask him out for you
11. Get in good shape
12. Talk to him reguraly
13. When your redy give him a hug


1. If a guy acts shy, he probably really likes you
2. If a guy acts vulgar, he probably doesn't know how to act around girls
3. If he stares, he is really attracted to you


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Just being yourself will attract the boys that you have things in common with. Don't try to hard to get boys to like you because you may attract the boys that you don't have things in common with.

You attract highschool boys by keeping a smile on your face being nice and not scared to say hi to them.

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becaues they are pretty

I would attract a boy towards me by not sticking to him (TIP- Boys get attracted when a girl avoids him)

Generally, making the boys aware the girls are there is all the effort that is required.

probably to attract attention to it

It depends on the girl really. Different girls like different kind of boys.

By wearing a pair of skinny jeans or catsuit!

Just be yourself and do not act like your hunting for a boy.

The question is very hard to answer because the boys is plural (s), which looks like a group of nine year old boys attract a single nine year old. Although I doubt this is the real question. but we will use that as the premise for the answer. Answer: if you want to attract a friend you have to be a friend first.

As boys mature, they develop these hormones that attract them to girls. Scientifically, it's hard to explain.

They want to attract boys as it will make them beautiful. It is good for them to stay beautiful as every human want that. Girl also want to attract boys as it makes them popular too.

If she likes boys, start by trying not to be pretty.

why attract them?? just be your usual self, but dont pretend to be someone else. boys seem to find that very attractive!!!! goodluck..XD

boys like girls breast because they are made to attract boys. boys after looking at brest feel sexually emotional and slowly their penis starts becoming erect.

It depends on the style of the boys the girl likes If she likes "bad boys" then you getting bad grades may attract her more. If she likes " normal boys" you getting good grades may attract her more. Eventually most girls when they reach and age of adulthood they are attracted by more successful and smarter boys.

elephants are more polite than boys because an elephant has to attract to fed humans and boys have to look for attracting girls ;)!!! Becky.

It can, It depends on the look you go for. Sometimes standing out of the crowd can help to attract one from the opposite gender. Its all a matter of personal prefrence

the more times your rejected the more times youll get accepted

No. Because the sound is too low pitch like a Dinosaur.

you ask them if they want to go out or just give them your number Call me maybe

Male behavior formed over thousands of years. The most important behavior is to attract girls and to have sex. This is a deeply-ingrained part of survival of the human race. Sometimes boys act in a way (to attract girls) in a way that is over the top. In all, boys' behaviors work OK.

That's a tricky one. Did I just answer your question "How can you attract boys?" Anyway, just tell her upfront. Hey, plenty of people are homosexual. At the end of the day, only what you think of yourself matters. But if she's attracted to boys, you'll have no chance.

Well im in 6th grade and i say there is no positive way to attract a 6th grade boy . Just be yourself . I attract almost all the boys in 6th grade at my school cause im myself . But i turn all of them down because im not into boys in the same grade . Most of them are childish and snotty .

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