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Try to get rid of the pimple, by using a face mask or face wash. Honey works well too. But if the pimple does not go away, you just have to shave around it.

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For men, (while shaving their face) should start shaving around the ages of 15, but not everyday. For girls, (while shaving their legs) should start shaving at around the ages 10 or 11.

you can squeeze them while in the shower.

no. the sun dries out pimples. unless u sweat alot while tanning then yeah.

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well i mean come on everyone has breakouts once in a while so maybe of course she had pimples and sometimes i bet she puts makeup on top of it everyone has breakouts once in a while ( get it breakout? )

If you have alot of pimples or just one, and you put concealer or foundation or anything over top of your pimple, it can cause it to be bigger and worse. Also, if you leave makeup on while you are sleeping and don't wash and moisterize your face properly then you can get pimples because you are clogging your pore's and that causes pimples.

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some chemical that is released by your body while exercising can get into your pores and make pimples if the cloth that you are wearing is irritating your skin (froting)

It's called razor burn. It should go away in a few days, but I suggest that you refrain from shaving until it goes away. Next time, be gentler while shaving, and make sure to use shaving cream.

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well from my experience, i would say it could be from shaving the pubic area. it could be ingrown hairs that resulted from irritation while shaving. otherwise i have no idea.