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The debtor would need to pay the debt owed or make a settlement or payment with the creditor who is threatening or has initiated a lawsuit, Judgments cannot be "avoided" when they are in connection with a valid debt.


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No. A judgment creditor can place a lien against real property but a forced sale of a homestead is not possible. Texas is one of the few states that has a constitutional statute that directly forbids the forced sale of a primary residence for creditor debt. No, Texas has a specific statute which directly forbids the forced sale of a homestead for creditor judgments.

Yes, as long as they are not doing so to avoid judgments by creditors, foreclosure, judgment award for liability and so forth.

No. A judgment has to be docketed for there to be a liens. This, of course, is referring to civil or small claims financial judgments.

Yes, if the creditor sues the debtor and is awarded a judgment, the judgment can be executed as a lien against real property owned by the debtor. The inability to pay ones debts, regardless of the reason is not a valid defense to avoid judgments.

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The answer is yes, if the creditor brings you to court on the matter.

The answer depends on the subject matter of the lawsuit. It protects you against creditors but not against lawsuits that challenge the title to the property.

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