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There is no need to balance, BC the equation is already balanced. All that is occurring in the rxn is the removal of the proton from the acetic acid and the salt becoming water.

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What is the balance equation for Ch3COOH plus NH3?

CH3COOH + NH3 (yields) CH3COO- + NH4+

What is the balance chemical equation for CH3COOH plus Mg solid?

2 CH3COOH + Mg = (CH3COO)2Mg + H2

What is the balance chemical equation of acetic anhydride?

CH3COOH = CH4 + CO2 or CH3COO + H

What is the balance equation for ethonic acid behaves as an acid?

Ethanoic acid is another name for acetic acid, which has the chemical formula CH3COOH. The reaction in solution is CH3COOH produces CH3CO2- + H+.

How do you balance K2Cr2O7 H2SO4 C2H5OH --- Cr2SO43 K2SO4 CH3COOH H2O?

The correctly balanced equation is:

How do you balance NaHCO3 ----- Na2CO3 plus h2o plus co 2?


How do you balance the equation nahco3 plus ch3cooh equals CO2 plus na2co3 plus h2o?

nahco3 + ch3cooh --> co2 + CH3COONa + h2oNote: it is CH3COONa (sodium acetate) and not na2co3(sodium carbonate) as stated in the question above

What is balanced chemical equation for nahco3 plus ch3cooh equals co2 plus h20 plus nach3?

You need to double the Carbon Dioxide on the right side of the equation to make it balance....NaHCO3+CH3COOH = 2CO2+H2O+NaCH3

What is the reaction between sodium carbonate and ethanic acid?

Na2CO3 + CH3COOH ------- NaCH3COO + H2CO3 (P.S) - This ain't the balance'd have to do that

What does CH3COOH mean?

CH3COOH stands for ethanoic acid.

What is the name of CH3COOH?

The name of CH3COOH is acetic acid.

How to balance CH3OH- aq plus CO g yields CH3COOH- aq plus H2O- aq?

its balanced

What is the Lewis dot structure for CH3COOH?

What is the lewis structure for CH3COOH

What is the balanced equation for Ch3COOH alone?

What is the balanced equation for Ch3COOH alone

What is heat of neutralization of nh4oh and ch3cooh?

Ch3cooh+nh4oh-->ch3coonh4 +h2o

What is the mole in CH3COOH?

Acetic Acid, CH3COOH, has a molecular weight of 60.05

Is HF a stronger acid that CH3COOH?

Yes HF is stronger than CH3COOH

What is the Ka for acetic acid CH3COOH?

Ka (CH3COOH)= 6,5 *10-5

Is CH3COOH a strong acid?

no it is a weak acid CH3COOH is the chemical formula for vinegar

How many oxygen atoms are in the formula CH3COOH?

There are 2 oxygen atoms in CH3COOH

CH3COOH react with SOCl2?

Yes. SOCl2 + CH3COOH ---> CH3COCl + SO2 + HCl

Why is CH3COOH is monobasic acid?

CH3COOH is a monobasic acid because it is completely neutralised by one mole of a base. E.g CH3COOH + H20 -> CH3COO- + H30+

How many moles of CH3COOH are in 458.77 g of CH3COOH?

Molar mass of CH3COOH is 60.05 g.So, number of moles of CH3COOH in 458.77 grams = (458.77 g) / (60.05 g/mol) = 7.64 moles

How do you balance k2cr2o7 h2so4 c2h5oh -- cr2so43 k2so4 ch3cooh h2o?

2K2Cr2O7+ 8H2SO4+ 3C2H5OH --> 2Cr2(SO4)3+ 2K2SO4 + 3CH3COOH + 11H2O

What type of compound is CH3COOH?

CH3COOH is an acid--note the carboxyl group (-COOH) on the end.