How do you be a successful foster parent?

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Answer It's not a hard thing to be a successful Foster Parent. You just need to have Love, lots of patience, remember they aren't mad at you (you just happen to be the one they are with and their parents aren't the way you are and they want them to be). Being a Foster parent for 6 years and an adoptive parent for 4 years, it is worth it. Remember when you are a Foster Parent, you are not just fostering a child, you are fostering a family. I've have learned that if you can build a relationship with the parents, they will be willing to hear and impliment you suggestions on their relationship with the children. They will also ask for help directally instead of throught the case worker. I still have parents I had their kids 5 years ago call me for suggestions. Just keep at it and remember you don't have to be perfect. Just remember, your house is the only normal place they have ever been and will know when they are grown, what a family is suppose to be like.
this is how you be a parent is successful, but guide your childern, you dont boss them around, do not care how old they are, their still human beings., they too dont like to be pushed and shoved(plus its harder to get through to them that way...) You guide them with what they need to know to grow and become a responsible, accountable indivisuals. give do you put it??..."tests"? for them to prove what they've gathered from your advice. Love them, talk with them, have two-way coversations...not one-way.( god i hate those...) have any other specific questions, ask me.
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What is foster parenting?

Answer Some adults abuse children, neglect,sexual,violent etc.. or engage in criminal or immoral behavior. Their children need to be accommodated away from the parents and the harm being inflicted upon them. This is usually with foster carers. When the parents change their behavior the child will ( Full Answer )

How do you become a foster parent?

If you are seeking foster parent licensing, you must contact your local child welfare agency and ask them for information on how to become a foster parent. For instance, in Arizona, you would contact the Arizona Department of Economic Security. Once you find your state's DES website, there should be ( Full Answer )

Do foster parents get paid?

Foster parents do not get paid. Foster parents are reimbursed for child expenses. They get a check every month. The amount of money a foster parent receives depends on what agency they are with. Usually it is enough to provide food and clothes and pay utilities. You will often hear foster parents co ( Full Answer )

Do you get paid well to be a foster parent?

I have been a foster parent in Massachusetts for 8 years. You do not get "paid" to be a foster parent you get subsidy to help support the child that is in your care. currently we take in children birth-6 years old and the subsidy is $17.10 a day, I believe it goes up .50 when they turn 6 and then a ( Full Answer )

How much does a foster parent get paid?

I'm in foster care. It depends on the age of the kid I'm 15 she gets paid 627 for me and if your in the state agency like me you'll get payed less but if your in a privet I think that's what it's called you can get 1,000 dollars. Youll get a raze every 3 years. but you got to take in mind the money ( Full Answer )

How much do foster parents get paid?

The amount foster parents get paid will varydepending on the state. In Oregon, a foster parent is paid anywherefrom $575 per month to $741 per month depending on the age of thechild.if wanna more help about fostering services search for "Horizon fostering services " on google.

Who is keyshia cole foster parents?

Keisha Cole's parents are Frankie Lons and Sal (an Italian man). Keisha has never met her father. She was adopted by her mother's friends Yvonne and Carl Cole Jr. when she was 2 years old. This is why she looks a lot different than her sister too.

Foster parent requirements?

You must apply to become a foster parent. Then take a Foster parent study. Next you must get approved to foster kids. After all this you can finally foster a child. wish you the best of luck! ALSO, Here is a good site for more information! ( Full Answer )

What is payment for being a foster parent?

You don't get paid for it but you get money to cover the expenses of the children. It depends on the state and how many children. For instance someone I know who lives in Indiana got 3000 and she had 3 children, 2 school age and one that was 2.

What is the pay for foster parent in fl?

You don't get paid a salary, just expenses for the child and the rate changes depending on the child's age: (Daily rates) 0 - 5: $11.50, 5 - 12: $13.00, 13 + : $14.00

What does foster parent do?

They do what parents otherwise would do. Often do they already have biological children and take other children in. Others only have foster kids. They can work, have their own business or one stays at home. Just like a ordinary family . Some have more knowledge about children with autism which makes ( Full Answer )

Can it be dangerous to be a foster parent?

This depends on the child. I work in a behavioral home for children age 4-12. The kids I work with have often hurt their caretakers during rages. Right now, I have bruises from a 10 year old girl whom I had to restrain so she wouldn't run away in downtown fort worth. My coworker is off because of a ( Full Answer )

Do you get paid for being a foster parent?

It depends on the rules of the state. Most do provide a stipend for the help in supporting the child. There are some that actually foster enough kids to support themselves, but this is rare and usually involves the kids being deprived of things they need. Yes you get money for covering the expenses ( Full Answer )

Who can become a foster parent?

You can become a foster parent if you don't have a criminal record. You can not have an abusive environment for the child to come into.

Do you get paid to be a foster parent?

In the USA: yes, you get a stipend or board rate for each child based on their age. Children with special needs are higher. For anyone thinking they are going to make money off of fostering, please do not do it, this is about helping children and reunification or adoption. So many misconceptions a ( Full Answer )

Salary for foster parent in Texas?

$652/month Foster parents don't get salaries, they get money that is supposed to cover the expenses for the child. I imagine it can differ based on the kids ages.

How hard is it to be a foster parent?

Being a foster parent is a good thing to do; it might be hard, but isn't all parenting? (It really depends on the child and how they were brought up before.) The hardest thing might be giving the child up after your time with him/her has passed.

How do you get foster parents?

you can call child services but you need a reasonable excuss like your being beaten or raped or something horrible like that or if you have permission from BOTH parents

How can you be a successful parent?

WikiAnswers contributors share their opinions: . There are so many things that can help you become a more successful parent - and not necessarily in the order listed below.... Needless to say, feed them, clothe them and provide the necessary tools for everyday life. Additionally, mothers do ( Full Answer )

Should you be a foster or adoptive parent?

Of course! There are over 41,000 children up for adoption in the USA the largest number of children ever adopted within in one year from the USA is 951 children. You have no idea how big of a difference it would make in a child's life.

Can a friend's parent have foster care for me?

This is very well possible. Various circumstances can make this an ideal solution, but also quite the opposite, hence why it does not happen very often.

What are bad things about foster parenting?

Well The child Might have been through alot. so they might be distant at first.if not forever. but if it is short time foster care...the worst is giving up a child you fall in love with. Any more questions? Email me at

What does a parent have to do to get you out of foster care system?

The birth parent(s) will have a case plan that they need to meet. This will be related to the reason that the children came into care, and will involve things like . general therapy/counseling . anger management counseling . drug/alcohol rehabilitation. . visitation with the children . gettin ( Full Answer )

How does a parent get their child out of foster care?

I'm afraid it really isn't up to the parent, but it definitely depends on the situation in which they were removed from you. If there is work YOU can do personally to improve the odds then do it. Each situation is personalized so I suggest you talk to the social worker you or your children are invol ( Full Answer )

Do foster parents feed the children?

I feed mine. As a matter of fact, I also buy them clothes, take them to baseball practice and games, take them on vacation, etc. In my home, I treat foster children the same as my biological children in every way I can.

Do foster parents get money?

In the US, foster parent and adoption assistance are administered by the States, so the rules and payment rates differ.

Can you be a foster parent for a child left to you in a will?

First of all can a child never be left to you without a judge having a say. The will is just a request form the parent. You can seek for approval for being the child's foster parent, of course. Then it's up to the socialworkers.

How many foster kids can a foster parent have?

the foster parent can have how many the want to have. No not quite. They have to follow some rules when it comes to how much space they have for each child and practical things like that.

Do foster parents get paid monthly?

In the US, foster parent and adoption assistance are administered by the States, so the rules and payment rates differ.

What is the criteria to become a foster parent?

Social Services will come inspect your home to insure that it issuitable for children. You must have a clean record must haveobtained a high school diploma or GED. The most importantcharacteristic that they cannot gauge is your intent. It's verydifficult work to be a parent to a child who is not you ( Full Answer )

How do you become a foster parent in Tx?

Contact Child Protective Services, or any number of private child placement agencies. There are many good agencies out there. You will have to fill out an application, and attend some classes, and go through a home study and criminal background check.

Who was sir Norman fosters parents?

I'm not sure about his mum but his dad was s shop manager in a poor area of Manchester, later a security guard and a manual worker in a factory. :)

Do foster parents get W2s?

These are tax-related forms. Foster parenting is a serious obligation, not a hobby or sport, but it is not an occupation in the usual, remunerative sense- it is not a money-making job, so to speak.

Who were Botticelli's foster parents?

He lived with his father (and mother?) until he went to be apprenticed to a professional painter. He needed no foster parents.

Why should you become a foster parent?

Because: - you love children and have a big heart for all of them and especially for those in need. - you have a great deal of patience. - you are very understanding and a good listeners which will come in handy since many of the children comes with a emotional baggage. - you are prepared fo ( Full Answer )

Who is Shalena Rochelles fosters parents?

This is private information and if you a parent of hers you need to follow the proper channels and ask the social worker handling the case.

Where do foster parent works?

They live in there house and they ask the council if they can take some abandoned children and then they take care of them.....:)

How to become a successful foster parent?

Take a van, get some sweets, ask them if they want to see your puppie and a free ride home... Then take them for your own and tie them up... Simples ;)

Who was hera's foster parents?

Oceanus and Tethys (the son and daughter of Uranus and Gaia); both were titans, aquatic sea god/goddess, invoked in classical Greek poetry but not venerated in cult.

Do foster parent pay taxes?

Yes of course they do. They have to have an income since you don't get paid to foster, you just get money to cover the child's expenses. You still need a job.

How do you ask your foster parents to adopt you?

As a foster child myself growing up, things have changed a lot. If you are a foster child and you have thought about the process of adoption by the foster family you are living with, the first place to go is to your foster parents and to ask them questions that would give you insight as to where the ( Full Answer )

How can you get parental visits with foster child?

You need to go through the Agency that placed the child in foster care. You should be able to set up a visitation schedule as long as you have not been determined to constitute a risk for the child. Parental visits are important as long as they can provide a positive impact on the parent-child relat ( Full Answer )

Who are Harry Potter's foster parents?

Harry Potter wasn't fostered. After the death of his parents, hewas informally adopted by his Aunt Petunia (his mother's sister)and Uncle Vernon.