How do you be funny?

  • Just be yourself and act natural,
  • say something random, sound sarcastic, calm etc.
  • Make sure you know your audience, saying funny jokes to your mum isn't the best thing, try with your mates.
  • Build up facts and knowledge.
  • Learn from other comedians e.g Michael McIntyre.
  • Read funny comics, book, poems etc.
  • Know when not to be funny.
  • If your joke fails make sure not to use it again.

Some good ways of making people laugh are:

• when someone is looking at you during a silent moment, throw a funny face.

• when a teacher is not looking, stand up and do something like, Make peace signs with your hands or stand up and pretend to play an electric guitar.

• Tell funny stories about telemarketers and if no one laughs then say something like " does that ever happen to you"?

• If you are saying a speech then try to make people involved and giggling.

• Once in a while you can even change your voice to add dramatic pauses.

You must always be confident in what you are saying or people will think you are a fool. Also being known as a funny person may take time.