How do you be good manager?

There's no hard and fast rule - some people respond well to one style of management and others to others. The best advice I can give is to suggest that you are flexible with your treatment of staff but rigid with your rules and values. Set a goal and work towards it and anyone who is not contributing what they need to needs to be sat down privately. Explain to this person what the goals are and explain what they need to do to play their part. If they continue to underachieve, get rid.

The job (role) of a project manager is extremely challenging and thereby exciting. Depending on the organizational structure of your organization, you may be reporting to a functional manager, a program manager, a portfolio manager, or to some other manager or executive. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to work with your team and other relevant individuals and groups, such as program managers and portfolio managers, to bring all the pieces together and make the project happen i.e., to achieve the project objectives.

To do this, you need a range of skills and capabilities. They are:

1. Communication

2. Negotiation

3. Problem Solving

4. Influencing

5. Leadership