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One viewStart your own company and you are the CEO of the company. You can also go to college and become a businessperson. In time if you contribute enough to the success of the company you may eventually get promoted to CEO. Another viewStep on other's toes and be a self promoter. Disregard other people's feelings and rationalize that they are weak. Another viewYou can either start your own company or be hired into the job. To be hired as a CEO one would usually need at least 15 years experience in the field managing other people, and a Masters of Business Administration
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Q: How do you become a CEO?
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How long does it take to become a CEO?

It takes about eight years to become a CEO.

When did Craig Barrett become CEO of Intel?

1998, CEO.

When did Dan Amos become CEO of AFLAC?

1990-, ceo

Is it easy to become a CEO and what is needed to be one?

To become a CEO needs hard work. You need to have a relevant papers in a business oriented field to be a CEO.

What are some of the highest paying jobs in the business world for a person with a Bachelor's in Commerce and an MBA?

Become a CEO. u idiot. Become a CEO. u idiot. Become a CEO. u idiot.

When did Richard Anderson become CEO of Northwest Airlines?

2001-, ceo.

When did Roy A. Gardner become CEO of Centrica?

Centrica, 1997-, CEO

When did Michael Bailey become CEO of the Compass Group?

1994-1999, CEO of North America Division; 1999-, CEO.

When did Richard S. Fuld Jr. become CEO of Lehman Brothers?

CEO; 1994-, chairman and CEO.

When did David Goode become CEO of Norfolk Southern?

1992-, president, chairman, and CEO.

When did Tom Freston become CEO of MTV?

Freston was appointed CEO of MTV in 1987.

When did Brad Anderson become CEO of Best Buy Company?

2002-, CEO and vice chairman.

What the promotion from a CEO?

After CEO some business leaders go on to become the "Chairman" of the board of their business.

Can a pharmacist become a ceo of a pharmaceutical industry?


What do you have to study to become an CEO?

A person who is a CEO of a company may have majored in business in college, but many become a CEO through various methods. This is not a position that a person studies for and it requires a combination of factors to be a successful one.

Who is CEO of Google?

Sundar PichaiPichai was selected to become the next CEO of Google on August 10, 2015.

When did H. Peter Burg become CEO of Ohio Edison?

became CEO and CFO in 1997.

What is required youth or experience to become a dynamic ceo?

To become a dynamic CEO, youthfulness is quite important. However, some experience can also go a long way in helping you become successful.

Where can I go online to find out how to receive training to become a CEO?

There is no training on how to become a CEO. You will learn what you need to know on the job and in real life experiences in the work force. You will need to look for CEO coaching options, such as those offered here :

When did Jeffrey Immelt become CEO of GE?


What are the best collages to become a CEO?

Ohio state

When did Wayne Scurrah become the warriors CEO?


What schooling do you need to become a CEO of a company?

The CEO is a Law Graduate and and MBA, both from Ivy League Schools.

When did Christopher B. Galvin become Motorola's CEO?

Galvin became Motorola's CEO in January 1997

When did Dennis J. FitzSimons become a CEO?

In 2003 FitzSimons was appointed president and CEO of the Tribune Company

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