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How do you become a celebrity on stardoll?


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2009-05-17 17:42:55
2009-05-17 17:42:55

You can't. Not unless you are a real celebrity. Some celebrites are offered it. Or some have a fahsion range there. And then they are given the username and password.


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i think if you are a celebrity stardoll has to ask you to become a member, but if your not a celebrity and you just want your stardoll to be a celebrity you cant

You have to be a Real Celebrity to be a RC. So i guess you wont be able to be one.

Yes, you can become a Stardoll admin.

To do that,you need to be a real celebrity!

You have to post a video on Youtube with the celebrity actually talking and saying there user.

ya they do! if u want to know more info about stardoll visit me on my account:Starmiranda12! cya there ^.-

Yes, but they don't use them anymore. Stardoll promoted/promotes. So, anyone 'claiming' to be a celebrity, is fake.

You have to get the employee code, or you really have to work for Stardoll.

Yes, his username is Luke.Benward. and Luke is a celebrity. I love him!

Be cautious about any Stardoll accounts claiming to be celebrities. It is very unlikely that celebrities have public Stardoll accounts, so any account claiming to be a celebrity is probably only pretending to be a celebrity on a fake account.WikiAnswers does not disclose personal information about people, famous or non-famous alike, due to privacy regulations and WikiAnswers policies.

You become a stardoll royal (or blue diamond) if you are superstar for a certain amount of time.

You can't. If you were a real celeb stardoll might ask you

You can become Royalty by being active on Stardoll by Upgrading to SuperStar and being active on Stardoll for more than a year. You will get a blue diamond logo on your Avistar Profile Picture. Add me on stardoll: HeyItsNeisha

You cannot become a celeb i am afraid as only real celebs are celebs on stardoll. If you are and actual celeb- contact stardoll.

Stardoll royalty is where you get VIP treatment. You will have a blue color square next to your picture. The way to become stardoll royalty is to be a superstar for at least a year.

no you don't have to pay to be a member on stardoll you only pay to be superstar

there is none but the only person who has employee is add her

You have to have a Superstar membership for over six months before stardoll rewards you with Royalty

You cannot become a celeb... Well, you can. If you become a REAL LIFE celeb. Then you have to sign a contract with stardoll and agree that they can use your name and details of your face and stuff.

yes he's a celebrity on there so s cole sprose yes he's a celebrity on there so s cole sprose

If you are new on stardoll they'll give you 20 stardollars, or if you become a superstar member on stardoll then they'll give you lots of Stardollars and starcoins :)

You have to be superstar for a year, then you will get invited to stardoll royalty club. If your superstar membership runs out, and you renew, you'll automatically become royalty again.

You can earn more stardollars in stardoll by play n earning or become a superstar!!

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