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Q: How do you become a pro female wrestler?
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What is the age to become a wrestler?

to be a pro wrestler you must be at least 18

Do you need papers to be a pro wrestler?

Yes it requires alot of paper and signing to become a Pro Wrestler

How do you become a pro-wrestler?

get good at wrestling

How many years of school do you have to go to become a pro wrestler?

i think 11 years of school to begome a pro wrestler..

Were do you go to become a wrestler?

what king of wrestler do you want to beemail me at and i will answer any questions you have i am a pro wrestler

Be a teenage pro wrestler?

You have to be at leat 18 in order to be a pro wrestler

Was Debra marshall a female pro wrestler?

pictures of stone cold steve Austin and his last wife

How did Triple H make an impact on other peoples lives?

he wanted to become a pro wrestler and made it

What actors and actresses appeared in Pro Wrestler Wedding - 2011?

The cast of Pro Wrestler Wedding - 2011 includes: Eugene Cordero as Wrestler

How did Dwayne Johnson become famous?

he was a pro wrestler, then went into acting He also a good speaker and good entertainer.

Who is lei'd tapa?

Lei'd Tapa is a Polynesian female professional wrestler of Tongan descent. She is the niece of retired pro wrestler the Barbarian and is currently signed to TNA Wrestling in the knockouts division.

How can you become a pro wrestler?

You have to first train in some martial art wrestling karate etc then go to a pro wrestling school and learn how to do the moves right