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In order to become a Maryland title producer, one must first attend a Maryland certified pre-licensing course. The course is offered by several providers approved by the Maryland Insurance Administration. One of the providers is The Training Exchange.

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Q: How do you become a settlement officer in the state of Maryland?
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How do you become a closing agent in Maryland?

In order to be a closing agent, settlement agent or settlement officer in Maryland, you must first become licensed by the Maryland Insurance Administration. The official name of a closing agent in Maryland is Title Producer. In order for you to become licensed, you must first take a 30 hour pre-licensing education course. The Training Exchange, Inc. is an approved provider of the Title Insurance Pre-licensing Course and their information can be found on the web. If you are an attorney licensed to practice before the Court of Appeals of Maryland, you are not required to take the pre-licensing course, but you still must obtain a license. Once you complete the pre-licensing education, you can then apply for your license with the Maryland Insurance Administration. If you will act as an independent contractor you will either be required to get your own fidelity bond in the amount of $150,000 or you will need to execute an affidavit stating that you will be added to the blanket bond of the title agency that you will be working with. You will also be required to become a Notary Public. The application to become a notary can be obtained from The Office of The Secretary of State for Maryland.

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