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How do you become a superhero?

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Drink Bleach. But dilute it with water.
Join the police force, Military or firefighter's. Really the easiest way.

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What year did wonder woman become a superhero?

she became a superhero in 1937

When a dragonfly bites you do you become a superhero?


How To Become A Superhero?

Put a cape on.

How did mastermind become a superhero?

How do you make a perfect superhero?

Become a WikiAnswers Supervisor, then you are a Perfect Superhero.PS. Free Mask, Cape and Bodysuits are available.

How did your friend become a superhero?

because he is my friend and he likes sonic

How did Iron Man become a superhero?

he transformed to iron man

What is the island on Poptropica where you become a superhero?

Super Power island

How did Mario become a super hero?

Anyone with a mostache is automatically a superhero :)

How do you become an official superhero on super power island?

Go to the Masks and Capes costume shop and get an official Superhero ID from the owner. You do not have to wear a costume.

How do you become a superhero in gta 4 ps3?

You climb to the tallest tower, equip a shotgun and jump off. When in mid-air, shoot 2 times and you will fly and become a superhero. Missions will come up on the phone

Can people become superhero?

Absolutely! Ask anyone that has had their life saved by anyone ...

How do you become a super hero on clubpenuin?

Be a superhero on club penguin by wearing a super hero costume. If you don't have any, wait for the next Superhero party. You'll get one there!

How do you become a superhero on Super Power island?

First you go to the shop called Masks & Capes. They have some costumes, but more importantly, the official Superhero ID Card. (Now you can become a SUPERHERO!) (see related question) After you defeat your 5th villain, go to the ringing phone in the telephone booth and you will get super flying power. Then you can chase Betty Jetty.

A sentence with superhero in it?

I am a superhero!

What movie casts Ben Stiller as a SuperHero with the power to become extremely upset?

mystery men

What are the release dates for Sci Fi Science Physics of the Impossible - 2009 How to Become a Superhero 1-10?

Sci Fi Science Physics of the Impossible - 2009 How to Become a Superhero 1-10 was released on: USA: 26 January 2010

What are the ratings and certificates for Sci Fi Science Physics of the Impossible - 2009 How to Become a Superhero 1-10?

Sci Fi Science Physics of the Impossible - 2009 How to Become a Superhero 1-10 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-G

How many superheroes and supervillians can you think of and what are they?

1) Superman - Superhero2) Wonder Woman - Superhero3) Green Lantern - Superhero4) The Joker - Supervillian5) Scarecrow - Supervillian6) Spiderman - Superhero7) Cat Woman - Superhero/Supervillian8) Robin - Superhero (sidekick)9) Lex Luther - Supervillian10) Vendetta - Superhero11) Hellboy - Superhero12) Spawn - Superhero13) Sandman - Supervillian14) The Midnighter - Superhero15) Apollo - Superhero16) Dr.Octopus - Supervillian17) The Green Gobblin - Supervillian18) The King Pin - Supervillian19) Mermaidman - Superhero20) Barnacle Boy - Superhero21) The Dirty Bubble - Supervillian22) Aquaman - Superhero23) Deadpool - Superhero24) Wolverine - Suprehero25) Storm - Superhero26) Jenny Sparks - Superhero28) Hawkman - Superhero29) Ironman - Superhero30) The Punisher-superhero31) Batman - Superhero32) G.I. Joe - Superhero33) Crow- - Supervillian

Is Superman the strongest?

the most powerful superhero is Thor but superman is only a step away. also the only way superman can become the strongest superhero is to defeat every superhero and every last bit of evil all at once. then people would no no to mess with the man of still.

Is lavagirl a superhero?

In the movie,she was a superhero

Does superhero have a capital?

Yes SuperHero

Is Dev a superhero?

yes, he is a superhero

The name of this a government assasin is brought back to life to see his wife and become a dark superhero?


What would you rather be a superhero or villain?