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The most critical thing is to prevent air from getting into the system. After replacing the slave cylinder, the system must be bled to get the air out. This requires two people, working in cordination, to be effective. While one person sits in the car, the other stands where they car reach the bleed valve on the slave cylinder. The cap on the clutch master cylinder must be open, and extra brake fluid on hand. The person standing outside the vehicle opens the bleed valve on the slave cylinder, and then tells the person sitting inside the vehicle to depress the clutch pedal. The person sitting in the car slowly depresses the clutch pedal, telling the person outside when the pedal is all the way to the end of its travel, and then holding the pedal there. The person outside the vehicle closes the bleed valve, and tells the person inside to release the clutch pedal. After checking to make sure that there is still plenty of brake fluid in the master cylinder, the process is repeated. Usually, it will take at least three pumps to completely clear the system of air. Care must be taken that the master cylinder does not run short of fluid, or air will be introduced to the system. Once the system has been properly bled, the clutch pedal should be firm, but able to travel its full range. Visully inspect the slave cylinder operation to insure that the piston is pushing the throw-out bearing fork. The amount of travel may only be a few centimeters, but the fork must move. On some the slave cylinder doesn't release all the air. You need to connect a clear rubber tube (about 5' long) to the bleed port on the slave cylinder bleed port running it up toward the raised hood and repeat the bleed. Allow the fluid to flow up the tube until it is within 4" of the top. If the clutch works properly remove tube, if clutch still doesn't work blow on tube with bleed port open and force fluid back through slave cylinder. Close bleed port before all the fluid is out of the tube. I had to do this on a 96 B3000 4X4 and an 06 Ford Focus.

2009-12-20 01:42:19
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