How do you blow a double bubble?

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1. Flatten the gum on the roof of your mouth
2. Cover your tongue in the gum
3. Blow air into the gum and make a bubble
4. Once you have your first bubble repeat 1-3 again but you have to be faster that before.
It takes a few tries.
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Do male bettas blow bubbles?

Do male bettas blow bubbles . My betta is a male and every time he eats he starts to blow bubbles,when you feed your betta look and see if it blows bubbles.

How do you blow a bubble?

first, chew the gum until it looses its flavor, then make it into a ball with the tounge. then lay it out on the top of your mouth, wrap it around your tounge, and then blow your bubble!! (practise makes perfect)

Why do betta fish blow bubbles?

Answer . to form nests. the males blow the bubbles, the females swim underneath when they want to lay eggs, the male wrapps around the female and squeezes the eggs out of her into the bubbles

How do you blow bubble gum?

well you have to chew your gum a few times and then stick your tongue in the gum and blow and you will see changes, keep on trying and you will blow a bigger gumball, the more gum the bigger the bubble

How do you blow a bubble with gum?

put the gum at the front of your teeth and open your mouth a little bit and blow. if it doesn't work the first time keep trying

When did blowing bubbles first begin?

Andrew Pears arrived in London in 1789 from his native Cornish village of Mevagissey, where he had trained as a barber. He opened premises in Gerrard Street, Soho - then a fashionable residential area - and was soon enjoying considerable patronage from wealthy families, whose tonsorial needs were at ( Full Answer )

Why do goldfish blow bubbles?

In their bowl, the goldfish have huge amounts of protein buildup, and as the fish go up to get air off the top of the bowl, they're creating bubbles in that dirt.

Why do fish blow bubbles?

Fish blow bubbles because they are exhailing. Or it could be the giant face peering in through the tiny glass boul they are being held captive in.

How do bubbles blow?

The soap creates the base of the bubble while air fills it in to create a balloon

Who invented the double bubble gum?

The inventor of Double Bubble bubblegum was Walter Diemer. Heinvented it in 1928 while he was employed as an accountant at theFleer Chewing Gum Company in Philadelphia.

How do you blow bubble gum bubbles?

you chew the gum then make it flat on your tongue next make the gum go in front of your tongue now stick out your tongue and then put your tongue back in your mouth with out closing it finally you blow then tatatatatata your bubble!! yes u can BUT u can always have a friend blow it for u

Why do bettas blow bubbles in their cage?

It's actually a good thing. It means your fish is a boy. And he's ready to have babies! Even if you don't have a female for a mate, he'll still make them when he's really happy.

How do you make bubbles to blow?

You need 3 things: Water with some washing up liquid in it, stir it it without making a froth, don't try to make too much. A circular shape to dip into the liquid, about 1 inch diameter is fine, not too big, and breath to blow the bubbles with.

Why is my betta blowing bubbles in the tank?

\nThis is completely normal, do not worry. They usually do this whilst mating or, when they are extremely happy! You are obviously taking very good care of your betta fish, and as a fellow owner, I congratulate you!

Is blowing bubbles a physical change?

Yes blowing bubbles is a physical change because the bubble (juice?) isn't changing into a new substance its changing shape but that's it.

Notes for 'Forever Blowing Bubbles'?

It is the song of the West Ham FC. It was also the theme song of the film by Ken Russell of Women in Love. DH Lawrences' novel was a brilliant film starring Alan Bates, Oliver Reed, Genda Jackson & Jenny Linden.

Which bubble gum will blow the largest bubble?

The top leading brands of bubble gum are hubba bubba zuka joe oral b.But i done a tally with 50 people and 37 of those people said hubba bubba and 13 said oral b.. So the results show that HUBBA BUBBA is the best bubble gum.

The double bubble man?

Please write your question in a complete sentence, telling what you want to know ABOUT the Dubble Bubble man.

How do you blow a huge bubble with gum?

get 2 peices of bubble gum then flat it out like a sheet on your toughne then pretend the gum is a costume and put it on your tunghe then blow

Do whale sharks blow bubbles?

no they don't, the bubbles are created through the swim bladder which sharks dont have

How do you blow bubbles with gum?

Pull the bubble gum over your tongue and blow. Othewise, take the gum out, and stretch it into a square shape, then put it over your lips and blow. If you do the second option, you will get gum all over your mouth. So don't do that If your parents don't want you to have gum. (Happened to me)

Who blowed the largest bubble?

David Stein.. / ... / blow _ the _worlds_ biggest _ bubble s_at_ bubble thing_com

Do female betta blow bubbles?

They do not make bubble nests but are capable of making bubbles as are all Anabantids.

How do you blow a bubble out of bubble gum?

First, take a piece of gum or bubble gum and put it in your mouth. chew it until it's liquidy. then roll it in a ball, doesn't have to be perfect, and flatten it with your tongue wrap it around your tongue and let the wrap stay there, and let your tongue go away quickly and just blow!

How do you blow a gum bubble?

First you fatten your gum at the roof of your mouth with your tongue. When it is flat as a pancake ( not actually) wrap it around your tongue. With your teeth hold it in place. Push your whole tongue throw the gum so you can actually see it. Then bring back your tongue, suck in and blow.

Can you drink bubbles that you blow?

Depends, would you really want to? If you are saying this generally then yes, because the bubble still contains the soap that you blew from it. It would still have the liquid form even it is in the shape of a sphere and it contains air in side to flow.

How do you blow a bubble gum?

It's kind of complicated to explain, but you spread it over your tongue and stick your tongue out and blow.

Can you blow a bubble that is cubed shaped?

Unfortunately not. Due to the even distribution of gravity against the membrane of the bubble, it always maintains an almost perfect spherical shape.

How can you blow a bubble with gum?

you chew it a lot spread it out on the top of your mouth set it on the tip of your toung spread it out secure it on your teeth blow and close your lips.!

Who invented blowing bubble formula?

It depends on which formula you are asking about. Long ago, some body may have been in the woods and mixed things together (not knowing they were making bubbles).

Who discovered how to blow bubbles with gum?

This answer will not have an accurate answer due to no reported documentation or witnesses that could be used to set a date or name of the individual.

What bubble gum is the best for blowing bubbles?

World record was set chewing 9 pieces of Double Bubble gum. -annonymous. I'm doing a science project on this so i will tell u when i have finished the tests. so far i have seen others have said that the best type of gum for blowing bubbles are: hubba bubba, bubble yum, bazooka, bubblicious, and 5 g ( Full Answer )

Why does gum blow bubbles and what makes the bubbles so big?

Many people chew bubble gum because they like to blow bubbles with it. The bubbles can be formed because the gum is very elastic and is able to stretch. The elasticity of the gum is what determines how big the bubble can get.

What is double bubblelicous bubble?

Double bubblelicous bubble is he name for a band of bubble gum. I was made from American Chicle Division of Warner Lambert and first started out in 1977.

When did Double Bubble come out?

Dubble Bubble chewing gum was invented in 1928 by an accountant at the Fleer Chewing Gum Company in Philadelphia named Walter Diemer. The gum originally sold with collectible comics, trivia and fortunes inside.

Why do goldfish blow bubble when they eat?

From what I've heard goldfish make bubblenests. Little groups ofbubbles that stick together. A female goldfish will then lay eggsin that and the male will take care of the offspring. Maybe it'sjust following that instinct.