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With a dog dildo.

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Can you break hymen by fingure?

Yes, a hymen can break during masturbation.

What are the exercises to break the hymen?

There are no exercises to break the hymen. The hymen cannot be broken but can be torn if penetration is rough or forced, simply exercising is not going to tear the hymen.

Is the Hymen disappearing?

The hymen does not disappear , it can only break.

Can you break your hymen in your butt?

No. There is no hymen in that area of the body.

What kind of medical test will prove that a women is virgin?

You can't. If a doctor complies with a test to check if your hymen is intact, you can press charges. A tampon can break your hymen, a vibrator can break your hymen. A hard fall on the ground can break your hymen.

Can outer course break hymen?

No, outercourse cannot break the hymen - the hymen also doesn't 'break'. The hymen can be torn but only as a result of vaginal penetration, and often it will only tear if penetration is rough or forced in some way.

Can your hymen break twice?

NO once its broken its gone no more at all of you hymen is left so it is kind of impossible to break your hymen twice mickey527

Will you bleed if you break your hymen?

Your hymen does not break - it can wear away, stretch or tear. Bleeding can occur if the hymen is torn but not always, it varies from person to person.

How do you break your hymen easily?

You don't break your hymen, the hymen can stretch or tear but does not 'break'. There's no reason to try to tear the hymen, it normally doesn't cover much of the vaginal opening and is flexible to allow for penetration, so no reason to try to tear it.

Can you break your hymen with out bleeding?

Not everyone bleeds when their hymen gets broken.

Can sports break hymen?


Can playing badminton break the hymen?

There are chances that by playing games or involving yourself in physical activities you can break your hymen.

Can your hymen break before 2 days of period?

yes your hymen can break before 2 days of period

When does a girl's hymen first open?

Many things can break a hymen not just sex... Sport, tampons and the splits can all break a hymen and it's very common

How do you break hymen by fingers?

You can't break your hymen - your hymen can be stretched or torn, but there's no reason to purposefully tear your hymen at all. You can stretch or tear your hymen via vaginal penetration, to tear it would require force or rough penetration: again, there's no need to tear the hymen.

How do you break your hymen by stretching?

The hymen cannot be broken by tearing, in fact the hymen cannot break at all - it can stretch or tear. The hymen will only tear as a result of vaginal penetration, even then only if it is rough or forced.

How hymen breaks?

Anything rigid can break the hymen when inserted. Even a finger!

Doing masterburatoin in girls effect their hymen layer?

No, unless you break your hymen

How do women break their hymen?

A woman's hymen can break because of physical activity such as exercising. Another way that it can be broken is by intercourse.

What kind of sports might break hymen?

Horseback Riding is by far the most common sport liable to break the hymen.

Can you break your hymen yourself?

Yes. You can break your hymen on your own. Some girls break their hymen through horseback riding, sports, or other "rough housing"... other girls just break theirs through masturbation or even using a tampon.

Do female dogs have a hymen?

Yes they do

Does hymen break by running or cycling?

No, the hymen cannot break from doing things such as running or cycling - in fact it doesn't break at all. The hymen can tear but only as a result of vaginal penetration, and even then often only if the penetration is rough or forced so to tear through the hymen.

Can football break your hymen?

No, football can't 'break' the hymen.The hymen cannot break but it can tear, however tearing will only occur as a result of some sort of penetration (exceptions being if the hymen is surgically cut, or it can be torn as a result of childbirth). Even when it comes to penetration the hymen can stretch to accommodate penetration so may not tear.

How do you rupture hymen?

Hymen can be ruptured by inserting objects into the vagina. also riding horses may cause hymen to break.

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