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How do you break up with someone?

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Be upfront, polite, honest and empathetic. Try not to drag it out as breakups can end up a cry and beg for you back fest. Keep it simple and walk away.


Don't do it through a text message! If you do that means that you're kind of scared. So do it in person. Yeah, you feel bad, but it's better then letting them say, "Why didn't he tell it to my face?" And stuff like that.


I agree with not breaking up through text messages. That can make it seem like you're not being real with this person and plus it's better to do it in person just so you can feel better about the situation.


It's going to be hard obviously but you have to be strong. Don't start to cry because that shows you are breaking down as well as the person you're breaking up with. You can say things like, "I think it's time we break up," and "I think we should see other people but let's stay friends, please!"


Agree with all of the above. It depends what kind of breakup like cheating breakup or if you found another person but I am going to talk about regular break up. You could say I am sorry but I don't feel the way I use to about you or I am sorry but I don't have feelings for you or I am sorry but the spark is gone we have both changed and yeah it's not you it's me but you're probably thinking it's really them but you don't want to hurt their feeling so that's it hope I helped you and good luck


As a girl, I would say, secretly show them you have nothing in common. If they don't get the point, they are too clingy and you really just want to try to hang out more with your friends and spend more time away from her. Make sure she knows you don't think she's ugly, and if you know that my advice would hurt her, DON'T DO IT!


Whatever you do, DO NOT GET YOUR FRIEND TO DO IT FOR YOU! My boyfriend did that to me and it was really mean. He wouldn't even talk to me. Then he asked my best friend out two weeks later. Immature!
i depends how much is your relationship with your gf or bf.

[NO FEELING & ABIT] : just tell her sorry, i don't want to cheat your feelings and tell her you did not love her and wana break up.

[ALOT]: firstly,why do you want to break up with her? and if u love her alot why break up? that's all ;D
Tell them you don't want to go out with them anymore.

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What is guitar break up?

Guitar break up is when you are looking for a way to break up with someone and then googles random stuff concerning break up.

How can I break up with someone?

Breaking up with someone is hard for both people and feelings will get hurt. You can phone them or talk to them in person.

Should you go out with someone that break up with someone you know?


How hard is it to break up with someone?

It could be very difficult to break up with someone or it could be very hard to breakup with someone. It depends on the situation and the person or people involved.

How can you get someone to break up?

to sabitaja their relationship

How to not break up?

you can go out with someone else

How do you get your friend to break up with her boyfriend?

You cannot get someone to break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, they will do it if and when they are ready. why would you want her to break up with her boyfriend anyway?

What do you do when you like someone but you want to break up?

Break up, get over them, the world isn't over yet :)

Why would someone try to break it up?

When someone wants to break up a relationship it usually means that the breaker-upper wants one of the people in a couple.

Why would someone break up with you?

They would break up with you if they dont see a future with you or they're attracted to someone else. If someone breaks up with you, don't be sad evryone in this world has a solemate. You're welcome, Kirsten :)

What will you do if you break up with someone?

You carry on with your life normally if you break up with someone. There is nothing that can be done in this case. You just have to carry out your life normally.

How do you get over a break up fast?

The quickist way to get over a break-up is try to find someone new.

How do you break up with your boyfriend with out hurting him?

Wait until he finds someone else and then break up with him. Unfortunately if you have to break up with him anyway, you have no control over whether he will be hurt or not.

How do you break up with someone that is in your social group?


How can love be harmful or destructive?

Someone can break up with you.

Why is your ex is seeing someone already?

when did you break up?

How do you hurt someone you love?

The one possible way to do this is break up .But you should not hurt someone you love. If you hurt them ,you will also get hurt.

What if your boyfriend found out you think someone else is hot and now he wants to break up with you what do you do?

well its not your fault if you think someone else is hot. we cant help it. but if he wants to break up because you think someone else is hot then he id a bad boyfriend and you should break up with him.

How do you break up with someone after 14 years?

To break up with someone after 14 years follow this.Talk to him her about why you want to break up . then get separated and stay happy both of you.

If you break up with someone without telling them are you still dating?

no..... techniqually your a cheater. until you break up with said person

How do you get someone to break up?

If you are trying to come between a couple that is just wrong and you just don't do anything. If you want to break up with someone then be straight forward, honest and polite.

Is it wrong for you two date your guy friend if he wants to break up with one of your friends for you?

no there is nothing wrong with it if he wants to break up with someone for someone else. hes just showing that he cares for someone else.

How do you break up someone and a girl you really like?

Well, it's not really right to break up a couple. You have to let them break up. If she likes you back she probally would of did something about it.

How do you break up with someone who is in love with you without destroying them?

punch them

Should you break up with your boyfriend for someone else?


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