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I think you answered it yourself. Just tell him that you don't want to be boyfinnd and girlfrind anymore, but you would like to be friends. Depending on the boy, he may or may not like this. I found that younger guys don't care for this too much. I know when I was 18 or 23 I really didn't care to be friends after dating. By the why, I am 50 now. If this does work for you and your friend, just remember your new boy freind may not like you talking to your old boy friend. And the same for your boy friend, his new girl friend might not like him talking to you. The jealous factor. This is a very difficult thing to do. On the brighter side, this can work, I know for a fact. I was married for 9 years to my 1st wife and we are stil freinds today even after 12 years. We even work at the same place as well. My wife is stil friends with her ex husband also. Good luck to you and I hope that every things works out for you.


You be honest with him and tell him why its just not working for you anymore and express your desire to want to remain friends. If he rejects the idea then he's just not mature enough to handle it and let it go.

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Q: How do you break up with your boyfriend and still be able to be friends?
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My boyfriend wont break up with me on miss bimbo?

It may take a while, but if you try everyday, you will eventually be able to break up with your boyfriend and find a new one

When on the phone with your boyfriend what do you talk about?

You should be able to talk about everything. A boyfriend should be your best friend as well as your boyfriend. So you should be able to talk about planes, cars, girls, boys, family, friends, and everything inbewteen.

Should you be friends after a break up?

Only if you were friends before the break up. If you started dating that person when you met them, then you probably won't be able to be become/stay close after the break up because of what you went through.

How do you break your fall from a long distance?

A blunt object will be able to break the barrier of water. It might still hurt a little but it will still work.

What can you say to your boyfriend to give you another chance?

You can try to be friends with him, because guys are also effected greatly by hurt. After friendship you may be able to have your boyfriend back.

How to get over an ex that is still in your heart?

try to get over him.. you wont be able to do that if you will still do the things that you are used to doing before when you are still together.. that is what you called moving on.. move on to a new life that would give you much relief!! GO OUT!!!! When I had to get over my ex boyfriend, I went out with my girl friends (if ur a guy go out w/ur guy friends) and got my flirt on!!!! It's so liberating....

What to do when your boyfriend can't get over the break up?

You have to cut the ties and keep your distance as to allow him time away to be able to deal with his feelings.

My boyfriend nuts in you evertime and im still not pregnamt why is that?

you mean not be really fretil, or you or him might not be able to have kids.

If you delete someone from your Facebook friends can you still view their profile?

You can still view limited information such as amount of friends and limited friends, depending on their limits on what non friends can view, but you cannot write on their wall or do most of the things that you would be able to do if you were their friend.

Your boyfriend has a webcam and you do not Can you see him on skype without a camera?

Yes, you still will be able to see him without any problems.

How long can you break your teeth and still be able to fix it?

Dont worry about your teeth. You were born this way, baby.

Should a boy in sixth grade ask out a girl in sixth grade and they are friends but he doesn't know if she has a boy friend what should he do?

if your friends you should be able to find out if she has a boyfriend(....your in 6th grade, im in 9th and i don't have a boyfriend....) and you could find out just by joking around, like saying, oh i bet your boyfriend ate your homework, or what everwould be like an inside joke of somesort, that way it wouldn't be as acward. you could even ask one of your friends if she has a boyfriend, hopefuly you ask a trustworthy friend.

How will you know if your ex-boyfriend still loves you?

ask him duhhhh.. Well if you still feel the same way as you did b4 and if you think he feels the same then i guess you will be able to tell..

What do you do if your friend is trying to break your best friends friendship with you?

you need to be able to help your best friend if it's hard and stand up for them.

How do you tell your obsessed boyfriend that you do not want him anymore without getting hurt?

If he's obsessed with you, you won't be able to break up without hurting him. However the earlier you tell him the better, and you can try to make it hurt as little as possible at least. First of all, do it personally, not over mail, text or instant messenger. Face to face and honest, don't make up lies as to why you're leaving him. Don't tell him you can still be friends; chances are it will be really awkward even if you manage to stay friends if he was obsessed with you.

What should you do when your boyfriend might break up with you for a girl who is able to?

When a boyfriend breaks up with a girl simply because she doesn't have sex with him as often as he would like it is not love, but selfishness and immaturity. Sex is a beautiful thing when you are in love, but your boyfriend is using you to his advantage. Love is about sharing and not hurting the one you love. If you were smart you would break up with him! There is someone better out there that you will meet and treat you with the respect you deserve. Your boyfriend simply isn't good for you.

What do you do if someone tries to take your boyfriend?

Your boyfriend cannot be taken unless he wants to be taken by another girl. Communication is extremely important at any age so talk to your boyfriend in a calm manner and tell him what you are concerned about. There is also a code amongst good women that they did not go after their girlfriend's boyfriends or husbands. This code is still in practice today with those that are mature and loyal to their mates and friends.

How can you get your ex boyfriend to start talking to you again even if you are not necessarily looking for another relationship but just to be friends?

You might be able to get your ex-boyfriend to start talking to you again by being honest with him and apologizing for anything that you might have done to hurt him. This could work even if you are not necessarily looking for another relationship and just want to be friends.

What is an excuse you can tell your boyfriend for not being able to see him?

try the truth... he is your boyfriend!

What do you do if you like your best guy friend and he has a girl friend?

Well, it depends on how big your crush is- always think of the future of your friendship. If you break up, will you still be able to have friends? I would suggest a wing man/girl- someone to find out if he feels the same way about you. :)

How do you get your ex boyfriend back after a year and you are still friends when you were the reason for the breakup?

=== === * You can't. That's what women get when they think that breaking up will get you close. It really can hurt the guy! === === * Since you are still friends, then there is something in common you have together. If he doesn't have a girlfriend then you should simply be honest and tell him how you feel and you were immature and made a mistake by breaking up with him. He may be able to forgive you or, he may not have the same trust in you and is afraid you will hurt him again. If you approach him about this then mean what you say!

How do ou know if your boyfriend love you?

You will be able to tell if he truley loves you. Don't just stand for the standard "I love you" its a surefire way to break your heart if you fall into it too soon.

Should you take an old boyfriend off friends list in facebook?

No! That will make you seem like the worse person even if it is the other way around. After a break-up you want to act like it hasn't really affected you. In other words he'll probably think it's pretty sad that you went to the trouble of taking him off your friends list instead of being able to move on and get over it.

What do you do if your boyfriend won't come to school?

if your boyfriend wont come to school then the best thing is to break it off. if he isn't doing his school work or coming to school then if you two were to ever get married and have children then he most likely wont be able to help support you and your family

What should you do if you have a boyfriend but still love your ex?

If you have a boyfriend but you are still in love with your ex than there is not a whole lot to do. I would probably talk to my ex and tell him first how you feel. Let him know that you still love him, even though you have a boyfriend. And you would do anything to be with him again and let him know that you really want to be with him. Because if you really care about your boyfriend ven though you love your ex, i would personaly dump him. Because there is not anything that you can do to make yourself stiop loving someone. And you are not doing anything for your boyfriends becsue you really don't love him... and i mean i was in the same position as you not to long ago.. so i called my ex and i was like i still love you... ( and the whole thing was the guy that i loved cheated on me... so i dumped him... even though i still loved him) and he told me that he would never hurt me again like that... and he wanted me to trust him because he still loves me too... so i texted my boyfriend at the time and explained that i still loved my ex... and i wasnt being fair to him by dating him... and that i still wanted to be friends... just not anything more than that. and he understood and was glad that i told him the truth... and we are still friends and now i am dating my ex boyfriend and everything worked out for the best... but if your ex doesnt want to date you again or something crazy like that you need to move on... an try to move on from your ex... try to fall in love with someone else... even though it is VERY hard to make yourself stop loving someone... start finding other guys or keep your boyfriend... because if you can fall in love agin than you will be able to stop thinking about you ex and start thinking about him :) i hope my advise works :)) good luck with everything... and go with your heart not what your friends say... or what your mind is telling you to do.... :)