How do you break up with your boyfriend and still be able to be friends?

I think you answered it yourself. Just tell him that you don't want to be boyfinnd and girlfrind anymore, but you would like to be friends. Depending on the boy, he may or may not like this. I found that younger guys don't care for this too much. I know when I was 18 or 23 I really didn't care to be friends after dating. By the why, I am 50 now. If this does work for you and your friend, just remember your new boy freind may not like you talking to your old boy friend. And the same for your boy friend, his new girl friend might not like him talking to you. The jealous factor. This is a very difficult thing to do. On the brighter side, this can work, I know for a fact. I was married for 9 years to my 1st wife and we are stil freinds today even after 12 years. We even work at the same place as well. My wife is stil friends with her ex husband also. Good luck to you and I hope that every things works out for you.


You be honest with him and tell him why its just not working for you anymore and express your desire to want to remain friends. If he rejects the idea then he's just not mature enough to handle it and let it go.