How do you breakup with your boyfriend and stay friends?

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That depends on him. You can't control other people's reactions. If he is not the kind of guy to take the breakup well, he won't.
I was in a relationship for 4 years and last year decided to end the relationship. We have remained close friends and there is no bad blood or awkwardness. This is how I broke up with him and how we remained friends.
I broke up with 'Roger' (Name changed) face to face. This is the only way to do it to ever have a civil future. I was straight to the point yet sensitive. This is the script you should follow.
"Roger. I love you more than anything and anybody in the entire universe. Your smile is as wide as the Grand Canyon, your laugh as cute as a thousand puppies, your fists as strong as a hammer to the face. We are one, our hearts connected, our bank accounts joint and our phone passcodes the same. Yes I may have put a bit of weight on, I may like 'Nathans' pictures a little too often, and by often i mean once on the 12th December 2013 but you'll know this, and yes perhaps I do show off in front of people but most of all I am happy and willing to change. I think it's time we take the next step in our relationship [going down on one knee optional]. We are finished and are now just friends [leave room]".
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You want to breakup but my boyfriend became a very close friend how do you leave without hurting him?

Answer . Well you sit him down camly and just tell him how your feeling exp.( Derik I love you but as a brother and i care a lot about you but.....(sigh) I just think we sh

How do you breakup with your boyfriend?

The easiest way is plain and simple don't givve false hope Insteadof saying "i think we can keep it going you just have to change andwe'll get back on track,maybe" say ''we ha

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Can ex-boyfriends and girlfriends be friends after breakup?

Yeah sure, its even better if you remain friends. It's certainly possible and not even too uncommon. Some claim to get along better after a relationship than they did during