How do you breakup with your boyfriend and stay friends?

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That depends on him. You can't control other people's reactions. If he is not the kind of guy to take the breakup well, he won't.
I was in a relationship for 4 years and last year decided to end the relationship. We have remained close friends and there is no bad blood or awkwardness. This is how I broke up with him and how we remained friends.
I broke up with 'Roger' (Name changed) face to face. This is the only way to do it to ever have a civil future. I was straight to the point yet sensitive. This is the script you should follow.
"Roger. I love you more than anything and anybody in the entire universe. Your smile is as wide as the Grand Canyon, your laugh as cute as a thousand puppies, your fists as strong as a hammer to the face. We are one, our hearts connected, our bank accounts joint and our phone passcodes the same. Yes I may have put a bit of weight on, I may like 'Nathans' pictures a little too often, and by often i mean once on the 12th December 2013 but you'll know this, and yes perhaps I do show off in front of people but most of all I am happy and willing to change. I think it's time we take the next step in our relationship [going down on one knee optional]. We are finished and are now just friends [leave room]".
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What does it mean if your ex-boyfriend who initiated the breakup hasn't contacted you in two months but tells your friends he still loves you and not to tell you?

He still cares for you, but . He may have broken up with you for practical reasons. Not all split-ups are due to cheating or loss of attraction. He may still genuinely love you but has plans and dreams into which you don't fit. That's sad, but I'd try not to dwell on it -- or him. If you wish, ( Full Answer )

Should you breakup with your cheating boyfriend?

Since you are not married and your boyfriend has cheated on you then you should break up with him. He has broken that bond of trust and it is difficult to mend that trust. There is nothing binding you to each other such as marriage so instead of putting up with him cheating decide to move on as ther ( Full Answer )

How do you breakup with your boyfriend who lives overseas?

Answer . If possible speak with him rather than writing a letter. Be honest and dis-ambiguous. Say exactly how you feel. Do not say, "I'm sorry." Do not say, "I didn't want to hurt you." Do not say, "We'll be friends." Say something like this, "John, I've come to realize I don't love you and ( Full Answer )

You want to breakup but my boyfriend became a very close friend how do you leave without hurting him?

Answer . Well you sit him down camly and just tell him how your feeling exp.( Derik I love you but as a brother and i care a lot about you but.....(sigh) I just think we should stay friends for the better... i know we wont think the same way any more but i hope this wont ruin our close friendship ( Full Answer )

How do you breakup with your boyfriend?

The easiest way is plain and simple don't givve false hope Insteadof saying "i think we can keep it going you just have to change andwe'll get back on track,maybe" say ''we had fun but its over andits never gonna happen again." simple! Another answer Be completely honest to him. First tell him yo ( Full Answer )

Why are you good friends after breakup What does that mean?

It is good if you can stay communicative as it is mature and there is no need for hard feelings - there are going to be many people throughout our lives that we just don't connect with but that doesn't mean we can't be friends with them. It simply means that they don't see you as more than a friend ( Full Answer )

Friends after breakup?

It depends on how the relationship ended really? If s/he cheated on you, why would you want to be friends with a dishonest person? If you and s/he were constantly arguing, do you constantly argue with your best friend? Just some points to ponder over :-)

Should you be friends with your exboyfriend after breakup?

For some it may work, but it's a low percentage. Once you break up with someone then you shouldn't be talking to them on the phone, Iming, texting, etc. It's time to move on. If you happen to bump into him there is no reason not to be nice. Most new boyfriends don't like sharing their girlfriends wi ( Full Answer )

How can you kindly breakup with your boyfriend?

There is no kind way to breaking up as it is a form of rejection and is in various ways hurtful. The best way to break up is to be honest, straight forward and polite - keep it simple.

Not telling your friends about the breakup?

ok well first you have to ask ure self if u can tell ure friends about ure break up are they really your friends and are u sure u can trust them because that's big new and something that ure friends should usually in normal situations help you out and get through it because that's what they're there ( Full Answer )

How to breakup with my angry manipulative boyfriend?

Be firm!!! Once you say you are going to break up, do not listen to his excuses. Do NOT accept him back or he will just keep harrassing you. If you act like you mean it and stick to your guns, he will eventually leave you alone. Do not answer his phone calls. Do not listen to his whining or threats. ( Full Answer )

My friend is trying to break up me and my boyfriend do you stay friends?

Dude totally no. if he/she changes give her aonther chance but i wouldn't be her friend. it depends on how long you've been friends. 1 day through 5 weeks is a no go. a month through 6 months maybe. 6 months through a year 50/50 a year or more give her another chance. hope i helped! same thing is ha ( Full Answer )

How do you get your ex boyfriend back after a year and you are still friends when you were the reason for the breakup?

How Do You Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back When You Are Friends & You Were The Case Of the Breakup? . You can't. That's what women get when they think that breaking up will get you close. It really can hurt the guy! . Since you are still friends, then there is something in common you have together. ( Full Answer )

Can ex-boyfriends and girlfriends be friends after breakup?

Yeah sure, its even better if you remain friends. It's certainly possible and not even too uncommon. Some claim to get along better after a relationship than they did during one. There can be strains though, and generally ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends will probably drift apart rather than stay c ( Full Answer )

How can you breakup with your boyfriend in a nice way?

well... he has 2 be in a good mood, when u tell him the bad news..... if he is not in a happy mood, try 2 make him happy..... 1.) try 2 cook his favorite meal 2.) be friendly 2 him 3.) do wat ever he wants 2 do...... idk, just make him happy......0 and then tell him..... nicely... " ( Full Answer )

How do you help your friend through a breakup?

If it is a girl just say "listen I know this is tough, but listen there are so many other much cuter better guys out there trust me! this relationship just wasn't going very well from the start and you know what? you deserve someone WAY better then this guy! you deserve someone who YOU will have to ( Full Answer )

Why doesn't my boyfriend accept the breakup?

your [ex] boyfriend might not be accepting the break-up because you've been together for a long tiime maybe, or something like 'he loves you!!' only leave him if your really sure. never leave anything to chance. i got that from an episode of hustle :L x . no seriously. he probably still has strong ( Full Answer )

What should you do about a friend breakup?

you should tell him/her your sorry and tell that person you messed up and you wanna stay stay friends, if she rejects then shes a u know watta

How do you breakup with your live in boyfriend?

Honesty is the best policy when you want to break up with your boyfriend. Sit him down and explain to him you are not happy in the relationship and want to break up. Yes, it will hurt him, but you will hurt him more if you are stuck in this relationship.

Why do phoebe and david breakup on friends?

They broke up because he had to move to minsk and Pheobe didnt want to go with him. In a later series he came back but Pheobe did not get back with him because she was in love with Mike.

Should you breakup with your boyfriend?

Don't just break up with him. Talk about why you think things are not running smoothly, and maybe make adjustments to make things better. If you have already tried to fix things with no success, it might be time to cut ties and move on. If you are in an abusive relationship (verbal or physical), ( Full Answer )

What can you do for your friend that just went through a really bad breakup with her boyfriend for over 2 years?

Whenever a friend is going through something hard, there really isn't much you can do. All you can do is let your friend know that they can talk to you if they need it. If your friend decides to talk to you, you don't have to offer advice or anything you just need to be willing to listen to them. I ( Full Answer )

How do you get a girl who has a boyfriend breakup with him to get with you?

There's a simple rule for this that applies in most cases: don't . If they're in a happy relationship that they want to last, trying to break them up will make none of you happy. Neither her, nor her current bf, nor you, because you can't get him out of her head 100% since she will always have h ( Full Answer )

How do you breakup ex boyfriends relationship?

You should show your ex the real you and make him fall in love with you all over again. Don't purposely demolish the relationship since that will make you look like a looser. The point is to make him see that you are better then her. Good luck! :-)

How do you cheer up a friend after a breakup?

What a wonderful friend you are to ask this for your friend. Remembering what she or he enjoyed doing and what made them happy before she or he got together with their boy/girlfriend would probably be one of the better ways to get them to smile again.

What does it mean when your girlfriend says that she wants to breakup with you because the relationship is going to fast and it might be better if you stay friends but you have strong feelings for her?

If she says that the relationship is going too fast and that she just wants to be friends...well there really isn't much to it. You may have strong feelings for her, but it's not that way for her. She sees you as too good of a friend to be intimate with, and that it would be awkward to go any furthe ( Full Answer )

Does your boyfriend loves you when he accepts your breakup with him?

Well, it could mean one of two things. 1. He may not love you as much as you thought he did. OR 2. He may be mature enough o handle a breakup and realize that it's not the end of the world when it happens. Because it happens to people all over the world. It's a part of life.

How do you tell your best friend to stay away from your ex-boyfriend?

Okay first, I would start by asking if she likes him and see what she says. Second, I would just tell her that it bothers you, or your not comfortable with them having a relationship. If that doesn't work, I would just remind her of what you had to go through with him and the reason why you guys bro ( Full Answer )