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it can be done == you can pour self leveling cement mixture over old concrete but you must first rough up surface of old concrete then put bonding agent then mix self leveling mix very wet so you can pour from high spot and it will run to lower areas . Use wood furring strips ripped at an angle to compensate for the angle in the sloped concrete.

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Q: How do you build a floor on sloping concrete?
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Why does a concrete floor feel colder to you than a carpeted floor at the same temperature?

The carpet and pad are insulating you from the concrete floor.

How do you Build the foundation for a home?

you build forms,lay in rebar,pore concrete,put in J bolts,to bolt your 2X6 pressure treated wood to.then floor joists.

What is the gently sloping part of ocean floor near the shore?

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Can you install a real wood floor on top of a concrete floor?

You can. You start by applying moisture barrier to the concrete--flooring stores have it--then gluing the hardwood to the concrete.

Can you build a garage with lifts on a floating concrete foundation?

A lift requires a footing under it, so if the floor already exists, you're screwed.

Where can I find pricing comparisons on concrete floor finishes online?

there are a lot of comparisons regarding concrete floor finishes that you can find online here is one example there you could a lot of floor concrete that you can compare to other.

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Can you paint over previously painted concrete floor?

Yes one can pain over previously painted concrete floor. To do this one will first have to get all of the loose paint and debris off of the concrete floor and then simply paint over it.

Is floor is a concrete noun?

Yes, the noun 'floor' is a concrete noun.A concrete noun is a word for something that can be experienced by any of the five physical senses; something that can be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or touched.A floor can be seen and touched.

A glass dropped on the floor is more likely to break if the floor is concrete than if it is wood why?

A glass dropped on a concrete floor is more likely to break than if it was dropped on a wood floor because the concrete has no bend to it. A wood floor might help absorb some of the impact by bending slightly when the glass hit it.

What is likely to be an order of concrete carried by a truck to make a garage floor?

What is likely to be an order of concrete carried by a truck to make a garage floor

A use of concrete starting with A?

Use concrete to build a nice archway.

Is 3.5 thick concrete ok for a basement floor?

yes it is, if that is the bottom floor

How does the cost of slate flooring compare to concrete?

A finished concrete floor is generally less expensive than a slate or stone floor. A simple professionally poured concrete floor can average about $5.00 a square meter. An installed slate floor costs considerably more that concrete depending on the tile you choose and installation costs. Slate flooring is more expensive than concrete. Stamped concrete is also an option that looks nice but it is still less than slate.

how do i kill mold on concrete?

clean mold on concrete by pressure washing it, you can use a surface cleaner from bestcargurus if the mold build up is on the floor or walls to evenly clean it. If the mold build up is on higher spots, use a telescopic wand from bestcargurus it ensures that youโ€™re safe on the ground while washing your 2 or even 3-story residence.

Why Concrete Staining May Be of Benefit if You Have a Concrete Floor?

No one likes his or her concrete floor to look like a dull, boring, gray floor. There are many things you can do with a concrete floor - you can install tile on top of it, you can carpet it, or you can paint it. All of these things can create many undesired issues, however. If you install carpet on your concrete floor and there happens to be any flood or water damage issues going on, eventually you will have mold growing underneath your carpet. So, as you can see, this option can create a definite health hazard. If you place tile on a concrete floor, there is always the chance that the tile won’t adhere to the concrete particularly well. Plus, if you ever decide to pull the tile up from the floor, the adhesive that is underneath the tile will be particularly hard to remove. Painting is another option, but paint can chip and wear quite easily if your concrete floor has heavy foot traffic on it. The best option, by far, is concrete staining for your concrete floor. Concrete staining does not have to be any more expensive, nor any more difficult than other methods of improving upon a concrete floor. Some people may choose to hire professionals to do such a staining project, while others want to attempt to complete the project themselves. You do not necessarily have to have experience to complete such a project, but you need a ton of patience to finish the floor. It may be worth it to you to have a professional stain the floor if you feel that you do not have the time or patience to complete the project. However, it is obviously going to be much cheaper to complete the concrete staining yourself. Overall, concrete staining can give your basement or other concrete floor a very elegant and finished look. It may be the best option you have when it comes to improving upon your concrete floor. Now is the time to choose the particular stain that you want for your floor. You can pick different stains, depending on how you want your floor to look.

How do you get a scratch off concrete floor?

You cannot do that.

How do you unseal a concrete floor?

Can't be done

How much to patch a concrete floor?