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I live in Thailand where they have many ingenious ways of catching fish... you might want to make your own fish trap - see here for some examples of designs: Good luck! Also..... 1. Take a soda bottle and wash it out. 2. Unscrew the cap. 3. Cut a 3ft. length of string and tie one end to a 2in. long nail. 4. Put some hot glue (be generous) on the outside of the bottle and lay the string on the glue. 5. Take the cap and press the cap into the hot glue to secure the string. 6. Put glue around the cap to make sure it is secure. Now you are ready to fish! 1. Put some rocks in the bottle and fill it with water. 2. Put some bread in the bottle and lay a rock on top of it to make sure it doesnt float. 3. Secure the nail to the bank. The minnows are really stupid so when they go in they wont get out! HOPE THIS HELPS !!!!!!!

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โˆ™ 2009-06-16 23:25:28
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Q: How do you build a minnow trap?
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