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How do you build a wood spice rack?


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July 05, 2008 2:26AM

You need to know the size of your spice containers, how many containers you plan to to make the rack for, for a simple rack, (this rack will be for the short spice jars, 2" tall) [6 spice jars] lets say the containers measure 10-1/2", (containers are side-by-side, touching) you will want the rack to be 10-3/4" long, (inside dimension), you will need 2 end blocks of wood, 2"W x 2"L x 3/4" thick. For the strechers, (front, bottom, back) use 3, 10-3/4" L x 1" W x 1/4" thick. Mount the strechers, 1 on the front, bottom, and back, use small Brads and a good wood glue to attach. Sand with 320 grit sandpaper, clean with a tack-cloth, (no dust) stain or paint and finish with polyurethane, lacquer, or shellac.