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1.Get a Cell Phone with a good speaker.

2.Get a sim Card

3.Put the Sim Card in the Cell Phone

4.Put the Cell Phone on auto answer

5.Put the Cell Phone on silent Mood

6.Charge the Phone

7.Hide it some where

8.Call the Cell phone and listen!

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How can you fix the bug of no quest items in Skyrim?

To fix the no quest items bug in Skyrim you have to download the most recent patch.

What type of insects do scorpions eat?

any kind of bug and spiders its favorite kind of bug is the household kricket

How do you kill stink bug?

Suck it up with a small household vacuum cleaner.

Why can't I delete or sell items on Farmville?

It's probably a temporary bug. Try playing again a few hours later and see if it's working normally again.

Will Microsoft ever build a bug free operating system?

It is unlikely that anyone will ever build a bug free OS. An OS is simply too complex to find all faults in advance.

Beatnik spider bug rogers in comics?

The beatnik spider, Bug Rogers, resided in the household of Gordo Lopez in the comic strip, Gordo, produced by Gus Arriola.

What is a Small insect name starting with 'in'?

There are several insects that have a common name that start with the letters in. There is the Insidious Flower Bug, contrary to its name is a beneficial insect. There is also an Indian Meal Moth, which is a household pest, can damage pantry food items.

What items in the home is the silverfish bug known to consume?

The Silverfish Bug is known to consume sugar and starch type foods in the home. For example, this bug often lives in basement and attics in houses where it is moist.

Is Propoxur safe for cats?

Propoxur is not safe for cats. The chemical is a household pesticide that is often found in bug killers.

How do you control household pests and parasite?

Treatment plan and materials would be determined by bug in question. Specify please.

How can you get items to stay after cloning in YoVille?

You cannot keep cloned items any more! That bug was patched by Zynga a long time ago.

Why does ROBLOX not work on myy computer it use to work but then it stopped working...?

Report it as a bug to Roblox. They are constantly working on bug fixes, and may fix it to work on your computer. You will have to be patient though has they are always super busy.

What happens when a familiar dies with stored items on it?

when a familiar dies with stuff or items on it, the items drop on the ground. if they dont, report this bug immediately to Jagex so it can be fixed and so you dont lose valuable items

How do you duplicate items on RuneScape?

There is no way to duplicate items in Runescape. Although there was a bug once which did allow a person to duplicate party hats, this was quickly fixed.

Where can I buy the best bug repellent?

Sporting goods stores would be the best place to buy bug repellent. The best places would have to be where you buy camping items.

What is a Hard shelled slow moving black bug household pest that is attracted to water called?

Pill bugs, also known as isopods are attracted to water. They are a household pest with a black hard shell.

When a computer isn't working why do the call it a computer bug?

You can find your answer under etymology, on Wikipedia's Software Bug entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_bug#Etymology

Why is your stinger bug zapper not working?

because its cheap, get a new one. YO DOG!

What did Grace Hopper find while working in a computer?

a computer bug is what she found in the computer

How do you evolve joltick?

Joltik, the Bug Electric pokemon, evoles at level 36 into Galvantula, no items needed.

What is the common name for bed bugs?

Although there are other nicknames, the most common/household name for the bed bug is actually 'bedbug' (believe it or not).If you mean the scientific name, the scientific name for the bed bug is the Cimex lectularius.

What are the bugs for in twilight princess?

The bugs are used to give to Agatha, the Bug Princess in Hyrule Town. In exchange for a bug that you have not already brought her (the bug can be the same species but a different gender), she will give you money or other special items only available from Agatha.

Where can one purchase a bug deflector for his or her car?

A bug deflector can be purchased at Autozone, Walmart, Target and Auto Max. Online sellers such as Amazon and eBay will carry these items at various prices.

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