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Dumbell press and flys. If you don't have a bench at home to do these on just use the floor. It's not as good as a bench, but it will work. Don't forget push ups.

The method one would use in a weight room would be "decline bench press with either dumbells or a barbell. Dumbell "flys" in the decline position would totally isolate the outer lower portion of your chest. Benchpressing can be done: level (most common), inclined (to build upper portion of the chest) and decline (to build the lower portion of the chest). So, to achieve this at home you would want to buy and use a benchpress that is adjustable to the various positions. If this is not an option you could try doing pushups in an inclined position, feet on the floor and hands on chairs (or other stable raised surfaces). Check this out for a visual:

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Q: How do you build up the outer lower portion of your chest at home?
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