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How do you buy a domain name?

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You can buy a domain from GoDaddy. It usually cost around US$10. You should choose always choose a .com since it is the most popular and somehow users enter it automatically when typing websites.

You can follow teh instruction here on how to buy your domain.

2013-07-11 08:41:46
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Related Questions

How can someone buy a domain name in the UK?

You may go on the UK domain website to buy a domain name. It will cost you about 4 quids to buy a domain name. The process is fairly simple to complete.

When creating a website does one have to buy a domain name?

no you do not need a domain name

How can you be a domain name provider?

When you sign up for your domain name you can choose to buy the domain hosting services. Which is only found at certain domain name providers.

Should you buy a domain name for a website before pitching your idea to business men?

If you buy the domain name, then it is saved for you when your idea launches off. If you buy it and the idea doesn't launch, then why do you have a domain?

Moving from Blogger to own domain AND use wordpress?

You will need to buy the domain name and get hosting.

How do you purchase domain names?

To purchase domain names you must go to an ICANN accredited registratar, i.e. GoDaddy to purchase the domain name you wish to buy. If the domain name is already registered, you must purchase it from the current owner or buy it from a site like

What is required to make a website an org?

you buy the domain name.

What is one suggestion to try if the domain name you wish for is taken already?

1. contact the domain Owner, buy the domain 2. wait the domain delete, then, Registration

How does one perform a domain name search?

There are a variety of domain names available to rent or buy, but in order to do this you must first find a domain name that is available. This is performed by going to a domain name search site tool and following the instructions with that application.

Where do you go to buy a domain name?

Godaddy is a good site to buy domain names. Their prices are reasonable and they have deals on purchasing multiple domain names. Furthermore Godaddy has has a 24/7 support line.

Do you need to buy a custom domain name to change your Tumblr url?


If you buy a domain name how many sub domains can you have in it?

There is no practical limit

What determines if a domain name is sold cheap?

The company you buy the domain name through determines the cost of the domain name, so it is always best to compare prices. Usually (dot)com domain names are more expensive then (dot)net, or another ending.

How much is the cost to buy a domain name?

Depending on the name you wish to purchase, and the service you use to purchase the name, domain names can be as little a $2 or as much as thousands of dollars.

How do I search how to buy a domain name on the internet?

There are many sites you can use to purchase a domain name. I personally have used You can name it a specific name, if that name is not already taken and if there are no trademarks or registrations against that name. for example you could not get a domain name because Kraft is a trademarked name.

How does one go about purchasing a domain name?

There are many ways to buy a domain name. Many times, domain names are purchased from a company called Godaddy or through an auction on a site like Domaintools.

Where can you buy a domain name for your website?

There are so many websites out there where you can buy domain names for your personal website. Examples: godaddy , sitewizard , my domain and register are good places to find a domain to buy.

What research might one need to do before one was to buy a domain name?

You might have to do some research on what company offers the domain name for a lower price. Go Daddy is one of the most popular domain name registries on the internet.

Can you make your own website called did world?

You can if the domain name is available and you buy it.

Where can one purchase an Australian domain name?

One can purchase an Austrailian domain name on Host Gator or Go Daddy. These two sites allow you to buy domain names from countries all around the world.

Can you purchase a yahoo domain name online?

If the question is whether you can buy the yahoo domain name, the answer is probably not. Theoretically you can purchase any domain name, however you would have to convince yahoo to sell, and it would be extremely expensive. If the question is whether you can purchase a domain name from yahoo, the answer is no, try another website such as BigDaddy

How do you launch a domain?

Once you register or buy a particular domain name, you need to select a hosting company and point the DNS server to the domain by logging in to your account and adding your domain to your list of hosted domains.

How much does it cost to buy a domain name in the UK?

A domain cost up to 7,49‰â but the lowest value is 2,49‰â a month. You need to pay 10‰â once to buy it and then every month 2,49‰âÂ. Its a com domain with free domain server.

How do one use PayPal to buy a domain name?

In order to use Paypal to buy a domain name, you must first have a Paypal account. This can be done with a simple form that needs to be filled out on their website. The next step is to choose your domain name, and register it with a hosting service. Usually, Paypal can be chosen as the payment option at the checkout.

How do you use the word domain in a sentence?

As far as the king could see, all of the lands were his domain. The domain name had changed for the website. Eminent domain allows governments to buy or seize lands from private owners.