How do you buy a sword from Japan?


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I bought an ornamental samurai word online. I was impressed by their customer service. It was really easy, no memberships, no long procedures, and the item arrived quickly. There are other similar services, but in my research the one I used seemed to be the best value.

If you want to buy a sword for cutting or real use, you will need to make sure you get a "battle ready" or "cutting" sword with a full tang. There are quite a few manufacturers that are good quality at good prices. Just look for the better brands and then look for the best price you can get. After that don't feel bad about asking for a better price.


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Samurai were from Japan, and the samurai sword is from Japan.

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Kendo originated in Japan. The word comes from "ken" meaning "sword" and "do" meaning "way of." The literal translation is "way of the sword."

samurai, Japan, and warriors. a noun is a person (samurai; warriors), place (Japan), or thing (ex: sword)

Samurai's no longer exist in Japan. People often practice the sword styles for special events, but there are no real Samurai left in Japan.

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