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open your iPod to the main screen. Then press iTunes.After choose music & ENJOY :)

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What is iTunes?

A program you download over the enternet and you use it to put songs, or videos on your ipod, iphone, mp3 player, ect.. itunes is a program that lets u buy music, videos, and games for your ipod.

How can you get tehnoobshow episodes on your ipod?

Do it like you put videos in ipod. download to computer and put it in via itunes.

How do you put videos that you made on your iTunes?

It has to be in itunes then just plug in your ipod go to itunes and press "sync"

Do you have to buy iTunes to have music for your iPod?

no, 1.Itunes is free 2.you can put music on your computer to Itunes then ipod.

Can you put videos from your Ipod onto a computer?

Yes, you can upload your recorded videos using iTunes.

Can you use ipod and iPhone apps on iTunes?

no you cannot use ipod and iphone apps on itunes, but you can buy the apps on itunes and put them on your ipod and iphone

How do you put videos on your iPod touch?

You should be able to download them off Itunes.

Music video to music videos in iPod?

put it on your desktop then drag it to itunes

How do you put what happens in Vegas on your iPod?

you buy it from the itunes store then sync it on your ipod

How do you put Korean music videos on your ipod?

Put the format for your music video in mp4. Then open iTunes, connected to your ipod, and drag it in!

Can you put music videos on the 2nd iPod Nano?

Yes, you can add videos to your iPod Nano. If your video is already in mp4 format, you can drag and drop it into iTunes library. Plug in your iPod to computer, iTunes will detect the iPod automatically, then click iTunes menu "File -> Sync iPod", the mp4 video will be transferred to your iPod.

Can you put ipod nano videos on YouTube?

Yes. You are able to put iPod Nano videos on YouTube. But, you must do it through using your computer. You must have a YouTube Account, and have iTunes.

How do you put videos on an iPod and then put them on the iPod?

Go to iTunes (You need and iTunes account) and search a video. (example. iCarly, movies: Happy Gilmore etc.) It will or will not have a price such as $1.99 US.

How do i put music from itunes on to my ipod after i buy it?

you need to download this program to convert it to your iPod

Do you have to buy music from iTunes to listen to music on your ipod?

No, you do not. I believe you do need to have iTunes to put music on an iPod, but you can download the actual music off the internet or Limewire, etc, put it in iTunes, and then load it onto the iPod from there.

How do you put videos on iPod Nano 4th generation?

you have to convert them to mp4 format then put them on your ipod through itunes. I have a ipod nano 1st gen. you can try Zamara.com.

How do you put iTunes gift cards on your account?

To put iTunes gift cards on your account on your iPod press: iTunes Music or Videos Redeem Code To put iTunes gift cards on your account on your Mac press: iTunes iTunes Store Redeem

How do you put songs in iPod nano?

download itunes and buy music

How do you put instrumentals on your ipod?

you would have to buy the app from the itunes store

How do you put music videos on an ipod?

First if your ipod supports videos you then load them into itunes then connect your ipod and click sync...hope this helps email me for more help and include tech. specs.

How do you get your songs from your ipod to your computer not itunes then put it on itunes then back on your ipod touch again in that order?

you can use idump. you select the songs or videos that you want and then save it to a place on your computer than go to itunes and press add folder and add them all and then put them on ur ipod

How can you put music on your iPod for free without itunes?

To put music on you iPod without iTunes is impossible. iTunes and iPod don't they sound a lot alike. So to put music on your iPod is impossible without iTunes.

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