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How do you call a guy on the phone and tell him you like him?

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to tell you the truth, it's best for you to tell him face-to-face. it really takes up guts to tell him, but be brave! you could do it. bsides if he just laughs at you then he's a jerk and you'll just have to tell yourself that he's not the right one for you

2007-07-15 02:52:38
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Q: How do you call a guy on the phone and tell him you like him?
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Can you tell a guy you like over the phone?

Of course! There's no rule about telling a guy you like over the phone. Mac

How do you tell a guy you miss him?

You call him up onther phone and say : (insert name here) I really miss you.

This guy I have been seeing will tell me to call him later and that he wants to see me When I call him he doesn't answer I will wait a while and try again and he turns his phone off Help?

really... go get a new guy..

How do you call a guy and tell him you like him?

I wouldn't call and tell him. I would flirt with my eyes, smile and tell him his good qualities that you like. If he likes you back he will let you know. Also don't call him let him call you. Trust me men like a challange. ok yes i like a challenge (I'm a guy) but not like that you could call him but not to tell him you like him do that in person or just ask him out now this is just me we are all different in our own way but just go out there and be yourself and remember if he doesn't like you for who you are you shouldn't go out with him hope i help :)

How do you get a guy to like you if he doesnt have a phone and isn't in any of your classes?

Flirt like no tomorrow, call his home phone, bump into him to get an excuse to talk, get him to notice you

If you like your dad's attoney does he like you if he gave you his personal cell phone but when you call him he tells you he will call you back but never does?

If he doesn't call back, then the sad truth is that he is just not that into you. A guy who is interested is a guy who calls back.

If you crush likes you and you like them and they see you talking on the phone will the guy assume its your boyfriend?

Tell them who you were talking to. Then tell him you like him back and maybe ask him to go out. :)

How can you tell a guy you like them without telling them to their face or talking to them on the phone?

try writing a letter

How do you ask a guy for his phone number?

== == You tell him that you would like to talk to him and then just give him your phone number so that he could give you his.

Signs a guy does not like you?

just tell the guy your a ligit 10th prestige on call of duty and he'll will do anything 4 you

How do you make a guy like through the phone?

Its kind of dumb but what I would do is if you like him then tell him you like him then if he feels the same ways he will ask you out

If there is a guy that acts like he likes you but he said you are ugly does he like you or not?

Sounds like a jerk...I would steer clear.~this is from a good looking guy~I agree i would not get in a relationship with a guy who call you uggly weather he is joking or not.He probably likes you but is afriad to tell you. Tell him you like him.

Why would a guy give you his phone number?

Good question! Most women of all ages would rather the guy phone her! Don't phone him and if you see him again tell him if he's interested in you to give you a call! This shows you are independent and that he has to work for your attention.

How do tell a guy that you like him?

Answer You can always tell the guy you like him, he will probably be amazed.

If a guy who is in the military tells you he has to go away for training but does not call to tell you bye still like you?

best LOOK for a new guy

How can you tell if a guy likes you and the guy you dated likes you?

The way that I can tell that a guy likes me is by his actions. Does he do nice things for you that you do not see him doing for other females? If so then most likely this guy may like you. Another way that I have been able to tell if a guy likes me is if they constantly keeps contact with me. Meaning that everyday you can expect this guy to contact you rather it's through a text message or a phone call or even myspace or facebook. In saying that there are also times when a guy will not give off any signs to show you that he may like you. In that case you can just ask him does he like you.

I like this guy but how do I tell him I like him?

stalk him for a couple blocks after school. then loudly call out to him "hey you! I like you" works every time

What to do when a guy don't call you back but tells you he misses you?

If a guy doesn't call you back but says he misses you, tell him straight forward, " Well if you miss me, why haven't you answered any of my phone calls?" then go from there. a guy who really wants to hang out with you will make the effort.

What do you do if you and your friend both like the same guy but you don't want to tell her because your embarrassed?

Call to spiderman

You had a guy in Altanta and you are in Baltimore one day you call that guy and a girl picked up the phone and you hang up and that guy did not call until after a while he call did that guy loves me?

maybe it depends what he said when he called

What do you do when you and your bff like the same guy?

Tell her you hate her and that you saw him first! Call her a B****! haha! Tell her she can have him you don't want to be the one f***** up!

How should you tell this guy that you accually do like him?

in a text message, or an aim message..that way if he doesn't like you you can say your friend stole your phone or something

What to do when a guy gives you his phone number?

IF you are interested in him give him your phone number and say call me sometime

If you like a guy what do you do?

tell him

What is the best way you can tell a guy you like him?

tell him you like but when your alone