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How do you cap an old toilet in a basement?

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A building supply or good hardware store should be able to sell you a toilet cap to bolt in place of a toilet with a good gasket to keep out smells and avoid back ups.

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Do you need a trap for a basement toilet?

No, trap is integral part of toilet bowl.

How do you install a toilet in a basement?

by using a saniflo and pump

Is Mike Ditka the guy in the basement or Father guy on the toilet in the Hopper commercial If not who is he?

Hey is the guy on the toilet

How do you install a power toilet in the basement?

Is there a bathroom or rough-in already there?

Do you have to vent a basement toilet?

All toilets have to be tied to a vent,

When flushing toilet upstairs toilet in basement overflows from bottom onto basement floor?

There is a blockage in the waste line. Have you flushed the basement toilet to see what happens? Try running the upstairs shower and see what happens. (use two persons , one up stairs, one downstairs so you can control the amount of water that rises in the toilet.) There should be a "clean out" cap somewhere downstairs near the point where the waste line exits the house. It is here that one would "snake" the line. The other possibility is the water level in the downstairs toilet is lower than the level of the waste line exit. This means that the point of exit of the line is physically higher than the toilet. The only remedy for this is to raise the toilet to above the height or replumb the toilet into a waste pump that evacuates upwards to a point slightly higher than the waste line. This is the most common set-up in a "basement" toilet. The toilet evacuates into a point lower than the floor. The waste pump or grinder pump then pumps the waste upwards than gravity allows it to evacuate normally. The benefit is that the waste pump creates a separate system for the basement toilet. Y-THINK-Y

When using a wallmount toilet in the basement can the drain pipe run at floor level?

That would make for an awfully low toilet.

How can you get to the basement of the old chatue in Pokemon platinum?

There is no basement of the Old Chateau.

Can you install toilet in a clean out 4 in off basement floor?

You can build a platform to raise the toilet enough to connect to it or get a wall mount toilet and frame a wall to hang it from.

How far can the toilet be from the basement drain. The toilet will be installed on the main floor but is there a certain degree angle for the pipe to be from toilet to basement drain?

Maximum distance of the toilet to the drain is 6 metres (20 feet). The angle of drop is set by the branch at 112 1/2o, which equates to about 1/4" of drop per foot.

Why would waste and toilet paper back up in basement floor drain when toilet upstairs is flushed?

Most Likely, your pipes are all hooked up in the same system. all the pipes travel to the basement most likely.

When my sump pump stopped working why did the water pour out of the upstairs toilet and not the basement toiet?

because the upstairs toilet drain was clogged up.

Why would the basement toilet produce a bad smell but there is no clog?

Take the toilet off and check the WAX RING..replace the wax ring

Why would a basement toilet overflow without flushing?

The toilet is the lowest point, fluids seeks the lowest level, other sewage is coming up through your basement toilet. The system might be installed wrong or there is a blockage in some discharge pipes. Call a plumber, it can be really bad, when I was a kid we had our whole basement flooded with two feet of raw sewage after a big rain storm.

How can you install toilet in basement with no drainage?

Sani Flow system if not able to get gravity drainage.

What is cost for a up flush pump for basement shower and toilet?

Supply and installation about -600.

Where can I buy basement flooring?

My basement flooring is getting old and out of date, what companies supply basement flooring?

Toilet in a Basement?

Sure ... might require some special pumps and plumbing, but it could be done.

Are toilets successful in basement?

yes, but you need to buy a reverse toilet (one that flushes upwards).

When you flush the toilet a odor comes from the SUMPPUMP?

Sounds like you main drain is leaking in the basement.

Heating a Basement?

form_title= Heating a Basement form_header= Stay warm with a heated basement. What is the square footage of the basement?*= _ [50] Is the basement finished?*= () Yes () No How old is the home?*= _ [50]

How old is a toilet?

a toilet is about 50 millon years old even though they were not always flushing but they are 50millon years old kayleigh i don't agree that a toilet is 50millon years i think a toilet is about how long you had it for example:if you had a toilet for 5 years then the toilet is about 5 years

What is the name of an old horror flick about something in the basement of an old house?

i think that's "Don't go into the Basement"

Why when you flush a toilet on the main floor an air pocket comes into the bowl in the basement toilet?

This could be an indication of a blockage or you may need to install more venting lines.

Does a toilet in the basement need its own vent or can it share the vent of the drain it is tied into?

Should be individually vented

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