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if you are just getting one make sure you have a cage ready at home make sure the cage has anough space for activites and bedding for the bed then make sure you have a water bottle water is so important to life then buy some animal food they need to eat and for fun have a hamster wheel or an exercizing cage that is best for a nice hamster

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โˆ™ 2007-08-07 13:50:01
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Q: How do you care for a bear hamster?
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Does bear hamster care reqiure the same care for hamsters?

yes, no matter what the hamster is you can always use the same cage wire, plastic, or aquarium

How do you take care of a teddy bear hamster in the winter time?

The same as if it were summer !

Is a teddy bear hamster a dwarf?

no, a teddy bear hamster is not a dwarf. a teddy bear hamster is a syrian.

What is another name for a Teddy Bear hamster?

Syrian Hamster is another name for a Teddy Bear hamster.

What is the best way to take care of my new honey bear hamster?

give your hamster a loving new home and feed it well

How do you care the teddy bear hamsters?

Care for it like a regular hamster you need to feed change the water and if the hamster just sits don't be mad play with it when it wants to be played with

What is less expensive black bear hamster or teddy bear hamster?

Teddy bear

Can a teddy bear hamster get pregnant with a non teddy bear hamster?

yes as long as its a hamster cause i have a Teddy bear hamster shes adorable name is daisy.

What is the most poaplar hamster?

The most popular hamster is the Dwarf Hamster, in second place is the teddy bear hamster and in third, the black bear hamster!

Honey bear hamster care?

They are certainly not evil. I have a honey bear hamster and she is so lovable. Honey bears' are just a type of hamster and should be treated the same. You don't need any special treatment of any kind. Hope I helped!

What are the similarities between the teddy bear hamster and the Turkish hamster?

A Teddy bear hamster is fluffy and soft. :)

What breed of hamster is the best with kids?

The hamster breed that is best with children is probably a golden bear hamster. Sometimes called the "Teddy Bear Hamster." You should Google Search Images of the Golden Bear Hamster.

How many days is a Teddy bear hamster pregnancy?

Teddy bears teddy teddy teddy bear yay yay make a bear today at teddy bear make a hamster with a bear with teddy bear hamster!

What breed of hamster should I get?

I would get a black bear hamster or a teddy bear hamster because they are known to be the nicest! :)

What is the best hamster to get?

They easiest and the friendliest is a black bear hamster because they don't require that much care and don't bite unless the feeling of being threathened.

What is a syrian hamster?

a teddy bear hamster

Can a teddy bear hamster get a Chinese hamster pregnant?

NO!! And DO NOT try!A Teddy Bear is a Syrian hamster and a Chinese is a dwarf hamster. They will KILL EACH OTHER.

Can a short haired hamster and a teddy bear hamster breed together?

No because a teddy bear isn't living.A hamster may hump the bear but nothing will happen.

Can you put a teddy bear hamster with a dwarf hamster?

No, you should never under any circumstances, ever put a dwarf hamster with a teddy bear hamster.

Is a teddy bear hamster a Syrian hamster?

Yes. 'Teddy bear' is a fur variant, the actual breed name is 'Syrian Hamster'.

What type of hamster is the smartest?

it is a teddy bear hamster or none as the longed hamster.

What hamster bites the most between a teddy bear hamster and a panda bear hamster?

hi iv never heard of a panda bear hamster. but i had a teddy bear hamster and she never bit me as long as you dont wake it up then touch it or have food smell on your hands!!! so wash your hands before and after touching any hamster! i hope i helped!

You want to know if im getting a hamster for Christmas?

Get a bear hamster DO NOT get a dwarf hamster they are evil and if you see them in the store and they are not evil yet they will become evil!I LOVE MY BEAR HAMSTER!!!

Which hamster is best for you?

Syrian, teddy bear hamsters. They are less wild and easier to handle than dwarfs. If it is for a little kid you need to get a teddy bear hamster because they are just all around easier to take care of and are less wild :=)

How old was the oldest teddy bear hamster?

the oldest teddy bear hamster lived for 14 yearswhaw