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A moon cactus, or 'grafted cactus' is a cactus grafted on to another to grow as one. The top cactus is usually drained of it's chloryphll and cannot create it's own food, thus it uses the bottom cactus. The life spans of moon cacti are very short lived, but they're very pretty.

Moon cactus like sunlight, but not direct sunlight - for that will give them sun burn marks and can kill them. A few hours a day (4-6) of sunlight is good. Only water them when they're soil is COMPLETELY dry, and then water them well like a good thunderstorm. The next time you'll water them when they're completely dry again. The summer months (April - September) are when they're in there growing stages, so give them a cactus made fertilizer every month or two, not too much though, about half the strength it tells you to give on the instructions of the fertilizer. (I.E. Shultz Cactus Miracle-Gro) The summer months they need a little more sunlight and watering, but slowly start to slow down there watering as it gets closed to September because they need to go dormant in the winter in order to bloom next summer. In the winter, water them every month and sunlight is needed, and hard to find especially in winter (depending where you live) Also make sure they don't go below 60 degrees.

Good luck! If you need any more information I recommend the library for a book on cacti, or Google search 'moon cactus care'

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Q: How do you care for a moon cactus?
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