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You probably mean "darkrai." This Pokemon cannot be caught yet normally, unless you use a hacking program or something like GameShark. It will probably be available through Nintendo in the future as a download, similar to how mew and celebi were obtained.

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Q: How do you catch Darakai with the American Version of diamond?
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Where do you catch Palkia in diamond version?


How do you catch poop on Pokemon diamond version?

No you cannot catch 'poop' on Pokémon Diamond or any Pokémon game.

Where do you get the regis in diamond?

You are not able to catch the regis in Diamond. You can catch them in the Game Boy Advance version of Pokemon Emerald.

Can you catch Palkia on Pokemon Diamond?

Sorry to say, but no, you cannot catch a Palkia on Diamond version. You catch a Dialga on diamond, and Palkia on pearl. You would have to trade to get one.

Where can you catch Palkia in the diamond version?

You can't. You can only catch it in pearl and platinum.

Where do you catch unknown in diamond version?

You catch them in the solaceon ruins in solaceon town

Were do you catch gloom in diamond version?

route 224

Where do you catch Onix on Pokemon Diamond Version?

In victory road.

How many legendary Pokemon can you catch on diamond version?


How do you get Rayquaza on dimand version?

You cannot catch rayquaza in diamond

How do you catch darkria in pokemon black version?

You can't catch one.You need to trade it from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum version

How do you catch a wild Dialga in Pokemon diamond Version?

You catch it at the top of snow point city.

Where can you find a slowbro that is wild in Pokemon diamond?

You cannot catch a slowpoke,slowbro or slowking on diamond version. You can on Pokemon pearl version though.

Where do you catch the Pokemon dioxies in diamond version?

You need to trade or migrate it.

How do you catch a rare Pokemon in diamond version?

use ultra balls

What rod do you use to catch feebas in diamond version?

super rod

Where can you catch Arceus on Pokemon Diamond the weird version?

You can't yet.

What is the best pokeball to catch Mesprit with in diamond version?

A Master Ball

How do you catch Entei in pokemon diamond version?

U CANT CATCH HIM u have to trade him or hack the game

How do you catch Darkrai Pokemon diamond?

Darkrai is a dark type of Pokemon. You can catch one in Pokemon Diamond version on Newmoon Island but you need a membership card.

Can you catch regigigas in SoulSilver?

no you must trade it from pearl diamond or platinum version

How do you catch Darkrai on Pokemon diamond Japanese version?

use poke balls on it

What happens to Giratina if you run from him in diamond version?

HE will return to the distorted world and you CAN'T CATCH HIM I REPEAT CAN'T CATCH HIM.

How do you catch red gyardos in Pokemon Diamond version?

Unfortunately, you can't catch a Red Gyardos is Pokemon diamond, but you can catch one in Pokemon Heart Gold or Soul Silver. It'll be at Lake of Rage.

How do you catch a latios in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't possibly catch latios in Pokemon diamond although you may get it there by using your ruby version if you have one to import it to your diamond. another way is to buy an action replay and cheat