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you have to catch a smoochum and you will get it

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Q: How do you catch manaphy on diamond?
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Where can you catch manaphy on diamond?

You can not catch a manaphy on Pokemon diamond. you must trade it somehow on a Pokemon rangers game.

What is the code to get the Manaphy egg in Diamond?

There is no code to get the egg.There is a code to catch manaphy.

How do you catch manphy on Pokemon diamond?

There was an event for manaphy egg.

Where can you catch manaphy on Pokemon Diamond?

A Manaphy is not available in the wild in the Pokemon world. You must trade a Manaphy Egg from Pokemon Ranger.

Where to catch manaphy on diamond?

transfer it from ranger but you need an event on ranger to do this

Where do you catch a manaphy in Pokemon diamond?

You can't. You have to trade it in from another game.

How do you catch phione in pokemon diamond?

You must breed a Manaphy to get a Phione.

How do you catch manaphy on platinum?

you cant realy catch it on platinum so sorry. but you can get Pokemon diamond or perel and get manaphy on those games. hop dis helped :)

Secret Pokemon in diamond and pearl?

There is no secret Pokemon in diamond and pearl but there are ways to get Pokemon you cant catch on diamond and pearl. For example manaphy. You must clear the manaphy mission on Pokemon ranger. Goodluck with the game!

Were do you get manaphy in Pokemon Diamond?

after you get the national dex, go to the Pokemon mansion and look in the book there. you cannot catch manaphy though, you have to transfer it to palpark:}

Which games allow you to catch manaphy?

Diamond,Pearl,Platinum,Soul Silver & Heart Gold

Can you catch manaphy on Pokemon diamond?

no you can't get manaphi on diamond or pearl but if you have a smoochum you can get one, y got a manaphi from Lv.100

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