How do you catch someone cheating?

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This is the best way.... its easy to catch some one....begin to act weird.... like something is up....then after you have been acting strange ..... be forthright and confront....though you may not be sure this person have to act like you know...but dont confront until you have enough feeling in your gut to be able to be certain they cheated... once you confront them if you still have that gut feeling and they say "no" and they "dont know what youre talking about"...... keep going....tell them you know and that they might as well stop lying....if they reply with "who told you that" or they start guessing...then its obvious they cheated... they go straight to the convicted person...typical... so the way you caught that person: is by them admitting to it i hope this helps you catch the cheater.
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Here are some ways to catch someone cheating. Note that these might not be legal in all jurisdictions.

Check Phone Bills
If they have a cell phone, you need to take a look at the call log. Look for numbers you don't know. Also, check your home phone, if you don't have the details of the calls on your home phone on your bill, request it. Also check cell phone bills.

Analyze the numbers and data. If they call you and find out where you are at then they call another number after every time, call that number.If you can get a voicemail great because their name will most likely be on the voicemail.
There is also the option of using spy softare to track cell phone usage data. In the end, proof like this will be important. Make sure you're positive they're cheating before taking this approach though.

Follow Them
Hire a detective to follow him or her, or follow them yourself one night.
Get a day off from work or your normal routine on the days your SO usually calls that mysterious number by reviewing the phone bill, but don't tell your SO. Borrow a good friend's car that your SO will probably not recognize or pay attention too with tint and sit there within view of of your SO's car and pretty much stock them if they leave and follow them. Take pictures if you see anything out of line, but don't reveal yourself.

You can hook on a car tracker which maps out everywhere someone's vehicle has been also. If you see him or her going to a woman's house or hotel ask him or her about what they did later. They will lie of course. It would be even greater to watch which hotel room they go to and go cover the peephole and knock on the door and have them open it. If they know you are out there and won't leave or answer the door and they have a cellphone and you have one call it and listen to it go off inside the room. :) IF it is a other person's house or apartment and he/she answers already have your cell ready and call it as soon as they open the door and BS's about your SO is not there call it and listen for the ringer going off around the corner of the hall way. Your SO will poop their pants. If they say they aren't their even though you saw them go int there and If you feel warrated spray the person cheating with your SO with a pepper spray fogger and fight past them into the house or hotel room you saw 100% your SO go into and catch them in there.

Investigate Computer or Internet Use
Look on the internet for signs a spouse is cheating. You might buy a keylogger. Never let them know you installed it. They may not even communicate with their other lover on the computer though. If your SO uses the computer a lot though this one is good and produces evidence you can even print out. They may be at work when they use their email account but once they log on from home even once you have their screenname and password and can check their account anytime. It takes about five minutes to install and cost me about $40. You see everything. Web page screenshots, every key typed, every website visited.

Look at Credit Card Statements
Look for receipts or charges on a credit card for dinner or lunch for two, or hotels.

Semen Detection Kits
If you are a male and don't regularly have sex with your SO you can buy checkmate which is a home semen detection kit cost about 45 dollars and takes 5-10 minutes. You can tell what those white stains in you girlfriend's underwear are. (Women, don't use it on your man's underwear. I can tell you cause I am a man and might have a little semen in my drawer and I don't cheat.)

Surprise them at Work
Bring them lunch at work unexpectedly and be friendly to all his/her co-workers giving them muffins and pasteries. This does a lot of things. It lets the other people know your SO is taken and in a relationship. The people in the office will know he or she is taken and will be watching them. There is always someone in the office who has been cheated on in the past ,or unsuccessfully hit on your SO, or plain just doesn't like them and will try and expose them. Your SO will have to try to keep it underwraps more and use the cellphone and other means giving a paper trail. Having a friend in his office is good, but beware of them also.

Look Inside
Look at the reason why you are suspicious. Are you doing something wrong yourself. Guilt is a powerful thing. My buddy's girlfriend who was cheating on him was always suspicious and accusing him and since he was my roomate, I know for a fact he wasn't cheating on her. Then he got suspicious becasue she was always accusing him and he caught her. Now she isn't his girlfriend and he has sex with her and lots of other women and he has the right as far as I'm concerned. He was faithful to her and didn't take the numerous oppurtunities thrown at him. Now he just has fun.

Are you just plain unhappy with your relationship and want out? Maybe you don't want to be the bad guy and break it off and want a good reason too other than you are just bored with them or don't love them after all the things they have done for you. Maybe you already have your eyes on someone else and desire them even though you haven't cheated. Be completely honest with yourself and what you want and the true reason you are suspicious.


Frankly I think if you know someone is cheating it is not worth the time and effort (nor are they) to catch them - just pick up and leave. Another chapter closed. Why do you suspect they are cheating in the first place? that will lead to your answer...
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How do you catch a cheating husband?

Please be as sure as possible he even is cheating. If he's late from work and you think he's cheating, you may not be right. If he is, the quickest method is hiring a detective. It can be hard to find a good one and it can be expensive. You pretty much have to get the goods on him if you are deali ( Full Answer )

How do you catch a cheating lover?

Answer You can hire a detective for weekends only, but they don't come cheap. I tried it with my first husband and didn't get much of a report back so I became suspicious. The detective was slacking on the job and taking my money. My sister-in-law and I banned together (she thought her husband was ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you catch your boyfriend cheating on you?

All you need to do is confront him the next day and address the issue. Speak in a calm voice and ask him why he did this. If he says that your not treating him as he should be, and the other girl does. Then you need to respect that. Cheating might be wrong, but if he had a reason other than a stupid ( Full Answer )

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What do you do when someone cheats on you?

There is nothing called cheating. We make a template of situation, person or our own selves and if something does not fit into that sooner or later or rather never, then we terms it as cheating.

What do you do if your boyfriend catches you cheating?

Don't try to lie about it (especially of already caught) you'll just end up looking like an idiot. Suck it up and come clean. The damage is already done. . Miss, My first line of advice would be DON'T DO IT. Secondly, leave him. Don't apologize or anything, just leave. No excuse will ever justify ( Full Answer )

How do I catch my husband cheating on me?

Well, for a start, how do you know he is cheating on you? If so, try and find out how he is contacting the 'other woman' and find out where they are meeting. You could just 'happen' to be there at the same time. Ask a friend to help you out. You could pretend you are meeting each other there! hope ( Full Answer )

How do you catch him cheating after he knows I know?

Get a small camera and follow him and see where he goes. If you can't follow him get someone to do it for you with a camera in hand so that person can take pictures that would hold up in a court of law should you wish to go there with the pictures of him with another woman especially if they were in ( Full Answer )

What if you dream about your boyfriend is cheating and you catch them?


How can you catch your cheating husband?

If your really sure that your husband is cheating, one easy way to find out is hire a detective which will cost you money. Second is just go to him and ask him face to face so that way he will know that you know. But if the two of you is not on speaking term all you have to do is pay attention to ev ( Full Answer )

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How do you catch wife cheating?

You should check her phone while she is not using it, and check for signs like she doesn't want to have intercourse or she is always leaving. Or you can hire a private investigator. Or you can talk to her.

What if someone cheats on you?

A: hire the cheaters show to find out. B: cheat on them. C: break up. D: forgive and forget. E: Call him and record the lies. F: Hang out with your friends more than him to make him feel bad

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How do you catch or see a cheating man?

some ways u can see if your man is cheating, is if he isn't acting normal, or is very hesitant about your realation ship, or if hes not with your often, and your can tell if he's lying.

Why He cheated on her with me then cheated on me with someone else?

Blokes cheat with whoever they have access to. Surprisingly, many male cheaters are not very picky with women they cheat with, frequently cheating with women that are way below the status of their current girlfriend in looks and intelligence. Sometimes men cheat simply because there's an opportunity ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you catch your husband cheating?

I divorced and that's what I've done to him. And at the start Itried to get the valid proof and fetch them to the lawyer. If Ilose love, I'd like to be made up with money. It is just so simple.I'll share u with some of my tips. When u feel that maybe he ischeating then just trust your gut. He is act ( Full Answer )

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Why do men get mad if you catch them cheating?

its supposed to be a secret! well you we were dating for like 3 years you would think that they put their trust in to you or if you married for like 3 or over but if you were dating for like 2 moths or you were married for like 2 months then they really have no reason cuz you weren't to together tha ( Full Answer )

How will your wife act when you catch her cheating?

yikes. When you catch her cheating, she'll act all surprised and say that him and her are just best friends. Her other boyfriend might agree, but say you know she's cheating. I'd ask her who she choses. If she choses you, never let her leave the house unless you know where she's going, but if she ch ( Full Answer )

How do you get someone to cheat on you?

Start to become distant from them , dont give them the attention they want and eventually they will find someone else to get it from.

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Code Name: Totodile Cheat Device: Action Replay Game Version: Pearl Code: 94000130 fcff0000 B21c4d28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 10001170 0000009e D2000000 00000000 Note: Code not personally tested.

How do you catch your man cheating?

Check his cell phone. If that's a little too much then just ask him some questions, not ones that make you seem obvious in what your doing but normal ones. If you think hes cheating then try to pay more attention to him(:

What should you do if you catch your boyfriend cheating?

Since killing them is not really an option (in some countries), then what you have to do is let them go. Don't get mad or anything just et them know your done. I have been cheated on before and let me tell you it sucks. If you react over the top, which is what we want to do you let them win because ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if someone is cheating on someone?

Okay guys lets be more blunt and honest here when answering this question. In my own opinion, one way that you can tell if this person is cheating is by his or her action. Watch and pay attention to everything he or she is doing and saying. If this person is cheating, he or she will be uncomforta ( Full Answer )

How can you catch someone cheating on someone?

Well, it should be known by the way that person acts around the other person that you are lead to believe that they are cheating on. Make sure that you don't just accuse them, especially without facts to back it up. Plus, don't let your only fact be that they are acting differently, because that ( Full Answer )

How do you catch woman if she cheat?

Plant a packet of Durex in her bag. At the end of the month, check if there are less or no condoms in the box. If so, you've got a problem.

What to do if someone has cheated on you?

OK so heres what you do when i found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me i left him because #1 it showed me that i couldn't trust him #2 and that i can do way better with my life than have that 1 guy ruin my life forever but also i have found that if you forgive him he thinks that he will b ( Full Answer )

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How do you catch your boyfriend in a lie about cheating on you?

It seems you don't trust this person, if not, break up with him. Don't sneak around trying to "catch" him in a lie. You either trust a person or you don't. Trust is the primary factor in a relationship. You also are not married to him and can't control him. He has a right to friends as you do. Again ( Full Answer )

How to catch someone cheating?

If you feel the one your with is cheating. First step is to evaluate the person your suspecting. Has there been any problems come up that can effect the partners behavior. If no, then look into the vast available technology at hand today. Beginning with the phone. If you can gain access to it, have ( Full Answer )