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How do you change 2004 fuel filter for 2004 Ford Explorer XLT?


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Installed one on Ford Explorer XLS 8/12/08. Buy correct fuel filter (flex fuel vehicle uses a different filter). Locate existing filter (cross ways in front of fuel tank). Remove metal shield held in place with three 13 mm head studs. Remove plastic shield held in place with two 10 mm nuts. Making sure fuel line pressure has been released, eye protection is in place and rags are on hand release plastic clip on the inlet side of filter. Note: First open the clip and then using a blunt screwdriver carefully push the plastic retainer away from the fuel line. Pull the fuel line from the filter and at this time some gas will leak out thus rags and perhaps a small pan is needed. Remove fuel filter from retainer (its securely held in place and I had to pry mine out with a large screw driver). Open metal retaining clip on outlet side of filter. Using a fuel line disconnect tool for a 5/16" dia line (Auto Zone may have a loaner, I bought one for $8+) place tool over line and then push tool inside fitting while holding onto the fuel line to release the metal claws inside the fitting which retain the filter. Once released the filter can be removed from the fitting. Place new filter in retainer while making sure inlet is to the supply side, push filter end into fitting and then push plastic retainer back into place and snap shut. On the outlet side, push filter end into fitting then pull on fitting and filter to make sure they are locked together. Next push metal retainer ito place and install the plastic and metal shields. Now if some one would tell me why not spin on fuel filters?