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How do you change 93 Del Sol spark plugs?

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First off, you need to know if you are just going to change the spark plugs or do a complete tune up, which is what I would recommend. For a good tune up I would recommend changing the distributor cap, rotor, spark plug wires, and spark plugs. Also if you want to changing your air filter, engine coolant, oil, oil filter, etc. As far as changing the spark plugs, make sure you use only the spark plugs OEM for your car, dont buy any autozone stuff.

To change your spark plugs you will most likely need a 5/8 inch socket for the spark plugs, and a 3/8 dial torque wrench if its your first time.

1. Remove one spark plug at a time so you will not lose track of where each one goes

-make sure that when you remove the spark plug wire by the boot, not by the the wire

2. Check for any dirt or oil in the hole. Clean it if necessary with a towel that will not leave any lint or residue.

2. Place in the new spark plug. MAKE SURE YOU FIRST TURN IT BY HAND using the extension and spark plug socket. Using a wrench initially may strip the thread on your engine, which will cost you hundreds to fix.

3. Once the spark plug will not turn any more, use your torque wrench to tighten it to your owners manual's specs. For my Sol B16 it is 18 Nm (13 lb). This corresponds to about 2/3 of a turn after it is tightened initially by hand. I would recommend getting yourself a torque wrench to do the job right.

4. Continue and do the rest of the spark plugs one at a time, so there is no chance of installing the spark plugs to the wrong wire.

IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO TORQUE TO SPECS since if it is too lose the spark plug may overhead and cause engine damage, if it is too tight you may cause damage to the threads in the cylinder heads, which will cost a LOT to repair.

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